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Knorpop - Rain and Sunshine

Knorpop 2004

Today was clouded as hell, but it had been dry for the time we were on the terrain. Seconds before the first band began, it was pouring as Niagara Falls.




The first band to play in this aquatic madness was the pop-core band Superhero. By now most metalfans had found refuge in the house tent, where terrible music took possession of our earholes. Just a handful of die-hard fans took off their clothes and started dancing in the rain. The music they played was pop-punk skilfully combined with a touch of hardcore. Not really my kind of music, but definitely not bad.


The next band to perform was a local band named J.O.N. And it sucked. They made heavy rock with female vocals, and that’s about all I have to say about that.


Then came what made me come to this festival. Charlie*Adler has rapidly shown to me that they’re a band of high potential. With their staccato metalcore � la Dillinger Escape Plan and Burnt By The Sun featuring crust/grind vocals they are renewing the hardcore/metal scene in Holland. Keep an eye open for these guys. They played tracks from they’re demo-EP "We Bring Stiletto’s Into Your Home" along with a couple of new tracks. Two of those were "Include Your Children While Baking Cookies" and "From Bloodbath And Beyond". Best performance of this day.




Then it was time for Senseless. Another local group, doing quite well if I listen to stories told about them. I had never heard of them and they didn’t manage to catch my interest very much neither. A couple of 15-year old boys making hardcore doesn’t impress me that much. High brutality level nonetheless, but low creativity.


The last band to play was Shoarmageddon. Ska, that was terrible. Really lousy singing and trumpets got me irritated as hell. There were a couple of parts that I could listen to but overall it was just plain bad. Bummer, for this was the headliner and most people had high hopes for this act.




Opening act on this sunny warm day was Festina Lent�, whom, according to them, make luna metal. A crossover of nu-metal, groove metal and modern rock. I got a kind of Linkin Park idea, just without the DJ. It was definitely not my kind of music, but I must admit that the vocalist/bassist had quite a powerful and raw scream inside his lungs. Too bad the guitarists had too sing too because they made it a bit too mellow.


Rapid Notion had the honour of making it worse. Poppy gay rock crap which makes Incubus look like gods. I had to review their album once, so if you want to know more, read the review. I’m not going to waste anymore words on that garbage.


The heaviest band of the day was 37 Stabwoundz. They were also the heaviest band on this year’s Pinkpop, but definitely not a reason to go! Think of Born From Pain, only a bit less groove and heaviness. And of course a lot of stealing from a band of which they all (metalcore bands) claim it sucks but from whom 50% of their riffs come from; SLAYER!!! I had expected more of these guys, but I can’t say it was bad neither.


Then came the progmetal band Delphian. Sad to say that they also had female vocals, and that’s enough info for me most of the time. I did manage to watch a couple of songs, and it dodn’t sound too bad, but never would I purchase such music. The bass sounded very cool, even in contrast with the music, considering that it was the signature model of Korn’s Fieldy. And the guitarist was very good. Think Dream Theater, Opeth and Nevermore, with female vocals.


Hip Hop was represented by Opgezwolle, one of the better nederhop acts nowadays, considering idiots like Ali B and Lange Frans taking over the scene. Although their beats weren’t that amusing, their lyrics kicked ass. Really good freestyles and beatboxing too. Very amusing!


Then came the band that made me come out to this festival again; Luie Hond. Translated: Lazy Dog. Ska-reggae with rock and soul influences and a high amount of keyboard and effect pedal triggered space noises with Dutch lyrics. Comparable with the Dutch band Doe Maar, only a lot more than that. Humour is the key element for this band, having a air guitar championship, wacky lyrics, stupid faces and just plain insane (but very skilled) bandmembers. Believe me, I thinks it’s better than Beef!


[img] hond (Custom).jpg[/img]


After that we went back home, to miss out on The Sheer. I don’t know them, but I haven’t heard a lot of positive remarks about them neither, so fuck ‘em.

Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Knorpop