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The Spirit That Guides Us & Face Tomorrow - The mixup of support and headliner

Last week I heard that Face Tomorrow would perform in a little venue in the city I live, a friend of mine asked me if I would like to go with him. I was in for a nice evening with good music. The pre show was Face Tomorrow, a band from the Netherlands who play a bit emo-core. The headliner was The Spirit That Guides Us, another Dutch band with foreign members.

Well from the headliner I didn’t know what to expect, from the pre show I knew some songs, so we went there and had a great night.


Face Tomorrow was the first band that would hit the stage, as usual in this venue the show started later as expected but that didn’t bother us. When Face Tomorrow started the show they where a bit calm and easy and the singer was looking at the sealing of the venue while he was singing and the contact with the crowd wasn’t there. But after a few songs they had the feeling of it and began playing louder, harder and the contact with the crowd was great.

The voice of the singer is great, a very clear voice and it’s really nice to listen too. The microphone was adjusted great and the voice could be heard clearly over the instruments. The show was amazing they played if their lives depended on it and the energy that came off the stage was amazing. This band is working so hard to get attention and if you ask me this band is going to bring it very far and they deserve it!


Face Tomorrow


Then the stage was for The Spirit That Guides Us, I was very curious what this band played but I would soon find out. I was amazed when the band entered the stage (because this stage is quite big) it was full off people, 7 when I counted them.

The band comes from all over the world, from America to China and the Netherlands.

When they started I was a bit surprised by the voice of the lead singer, he looked a bit like a wiener but when he started to sing my ear drums almost burst, his scream is great! One thing bothered me really, when the plug was out of the mic during the gig the lead singer didn't even notice it and the had to tell him; man that sucks!! But the rest of the music didn’t impress me that much. The genre the played is something like melodic death/regular metal with some hardcore through it. The variety of the music is as diverse as the countries they come from; I don’t like that because a band has to have an own style. As for the other vocalist; hmm what should I say about that, he could better stay off the stage and he had a bit a gay way of singing. The rest of the band played very well but I don’t like the music.


I think this venue could better had booked Face Tomorrow to be headliner and The Spirit That Guides Us to support because Face Tomorrow was way better than The Spirit That Guides Us. And the other people I spoke agreed with me.

I think that we are going to hear a lot more from this great band from the Netherlands and if they are in the neighbourhood you have to go take a look.

Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Dinges

Tags: #The Spirit That Guides Us & Face Tomorrow