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Obituary + Master + Visceral Bleeding - Hot and Steamy EFFENAAR!!
It all started on a bad day on school, when my chief editor called me with an
opportunity to write a live review for Obituary and at the same time do an
interview for the Roadrunner website. I decided that it was an opportunity not
to miss. The Effenaar was completely sold out, and the atmosphere was quite
nice. The evening would start with a real death metal tornado from Scandinavia,
Visceral Bleeding.

Visceral Bleeding:

The first thing I noticed was that the audience wasn't really waiting for this
band, because they all responded quite lame. Visceral Bleeding have a new album
out “Transcend Into Ferocity”, which was quite nicely promoted. The bad thing is that I really could not make any difference between the songs. The show wasn't really making me happy
at all, however the music isn't bad, though. I noticed that their vocalist was
trying to do his best to make the audience go on to his willing, but the
audience only responded with one word: Obituary!!! Most people that were
here tonight, only came for the old school death metallers Obituary, and had
nothing in common with the technical death metal that Visceral Bleeding


The second band on the bill tonight was Master, and were announced by the
phrase: Mister Death metal himself, on the bass. The truth is that the
vocalist/bassplayer of Master is a big guy with a beard that's as long as his
hair and his hair ain't short!! The slow and pounding death metal like the
early Suffocation was quite well received by the audience, although most people
still screamed for Obituary. The only thing I could do while listening to
Master was nod my head, and continue nodding until it was over. Slow songs,
variegated with mid-tempo songs were the most important thing for Master. I
think it's a pity that there wasn't a moment the gas was put down, like
Visceral Bleeding tried to do 1 hour earlier.


The head act for the evening was Obituary, and it was worth the wait! It was good to see that they were also enjoying their show and made the best effort to give the audience a very good time. The songs were quite diverted and few albums were passed. They started their monstrous set with Deadly Intentions, followed by Threatening Skies. The show was really starting now, as the whole Effenaar turned into a moshing, sweaty pit of young and old metalheads. The temperature rose to immense heights and the amount of beer was turning the mass into a brainless entity. The perfect conditions for songs like Chopped In Half and Final Thoughts. I also noticed that they played a cover song from Celtic Frost, but the title slipped my mind and after reading back some other reviews I found out it was Dethroned Emperor. I really enjoyed this show and when they finally were about to quit, they played Slowly We Rot and my evening was complete!
This show was sold out for 3 months already and I think the people who bought their ticket, really had something to talk about for the coming year, as this was certainly one of the best shows of 2004.
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Obituary + Master + Visceral Bleeding