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Bloodshed Festival 2004 - Grinding Over Weert
I was quite astonished by the line-up of the Bloodshed Fest in Weert, so I decided to go there for a peek. I’ve never been at the Bosuil before, but the journey went smooth. The venue was divided into 2 podia, where bands would perform during the day. The schedule was in such matter, that no band would play at the same time, so every band could be witnessed. The programmers of the festival however,�did not calculate the possibility that someone might get hungry, which in my case meant I could not watch Sylvester Staline.
Stage list small stage:

CxMxPx (Corpse Molesting Pervert)
Sylvester Staline
Sanity’s Dawn

Dead Infection
Cripple Bastards
Rotten Sound

Germany are quite in the upheaval with gore grind bands like CBT (Cock And Ball Torture) and Cuntgrinder. Corpse Molesting Pervert gets its music from the same vessel and produces fair gore grind. The sound was quite horrible, but even with all the noise I was able to make something of the music. This wasn’t a bad start for the small stage, but I hope they’ll fix the sound somewhat!
FUBAR is the band in which some of the organizers of the Bloodshed Fest play. I saw them last week with Cliteater in the 013 and the sound was a lot better then. The same problem that occurred for CxMxPx, is now haunting FUBAR. The fast, groovy and political tainted songs are somewhat rough played. As I heard later, they’ve had constant problems with that backline and sound shit. It’s quite annoying to almost not recognize a song, when you’ve heard it the week before. My overall opinion about it is that it is not too bad after all. The gentlemen of FUBAR performed quite nice and the show was explosive as always.

Sylvester Staline:
Lunch time!!!
Sanity’s Down:
The first impression about this show is a very strange noise oozing through the speakers with weird yelling and bellowing. Not too bad for these Germans but the music became less interesting with each song. After 5 or 6 songs with an average length of 37 seconds I had enough and went up to see the metal market.
I’ve seen Suppository for 3 times now, and I’ve only seen one show that was really impressive. It was like an opposite world, because the only good show I saw was in Rotterdam in the Baroeg, which is known for its quite poor sound quality. The live show in contrary was really blasting, which stated the energy of the songs. However, I’m a real big fan of Suppository’s album Punching Out Reality, but live it just seems different. It is too bad that the show was somewhat disappointing to my ears, but the crowd was enjoying it. The beer consumption among the crowd was fairly high though.

In contrary to the poor sound quality of the small stage, the sound on the main stage was exceptionally well! Crusher, also the opening act for the festival, were really enjoying themselves on stage. The bass player was jumping around with his wireless bass, continuously performing a weird dance which resembled somewhat with that Russian dance. It was really funny, and the pounding music really blasted me of my feet. One thing I now know for sure, I have to find some music of these fellows.
Cliteater is a real live band, and will always crush everyone in the audience with every show. I’ve never seen a bad show of these guys and tonight they stated my opinion about them being one of the best grind acts, along with Inhume, in The Netherlands. Familiar songs like '4$ Bitch Disfigurement and�Profane Martyr' from the Clit’Em All album mixed with new songs from the upcoming album Eat Clit Or Die, were thrown in front of an hungry mass. Something in my head says this new album will become a killer and I’m eager to listen it. I’ll just have to wait until next year I guess, pity. I can’t say anything more useful about this show.
One of the funniest live acts here in our humble�country surely is the act of Rompeprop, (Czech people call them Roempeleproop!!) Dressed in surgery outfits, soaked with blood, Rompeprop began their show, without a bass guitar… It turned out that the wire was bad, and their bassist amused the people with a pitched voice calling out to people asking if someone’s got a bass guitar for him. After a little delay, they started their show with a lot of porn classics like Pelikanelul, Vulvasplitter, The Babyshitter and Dislocated Purple Stoma. Nice songs, and the show was complete when Dennis announced that Rompeprop’s previous name was Steppenwolf… The hint was obvious and the audience was threated with a goregrind version of Born To Be Wild, only Rompeprop managed to call it Porn To Be Wild. The third show on the main stage, and again a real powerful sound.
Dead Infection:
I’m quite ashamed to confess that I nearly missed the half of this show, because our lunch break was taking too much time. The time I entered the Bosuil again, Dead Infection only had 6 or 7 songs left. Dead Infection from Poland produce very nice groovy gore grind, in the veins of Squash Bowels and General Surgery. The remaining songs they played satisfied my lust for poeka, and that is all what’s left to say.
Cripple Bastards:
The time was running late as the festival was taking more time than scheduled (as usual) Cripple Bastards started 30 or 40 minutes later than announced and I was really losing attention. The massive amount of THC and beer made me really sleepy and I started dozing off. Cripple Bastards managed to fill me with energy, as this hyperfast grind act pulverised the set. I only recognized one song, but it didn’t matter, because the titles of those songs are too complex to find out. I’ve always found Italy a land of busy, hyperactive people. Cripple Bastards have the same attitude and act as complete morons on stage, just like Insane Assholes, which performed on the Obscene festival. The positive effect of this, is that you get filled with energy and the show was one of the best of the evening!
Rotten Sound:
I knew so little of these Finnish gore grinders, but after tonight that changed radically. The performance was like a diesel engine steadily running at a constant rate. The vocalist wasn’t really active, but somehow it was better this way. The raw and powerful sound of the songs was enough to keep the audience headbanging at 1 am. I found myself at front, headbanging along with almost everyone left in the Bosuil. The only song I recognized at that time was Obey, from the Murderworks album. Rotten Sound was headlining this Bloodshed festival, and did it with great honour. Three times thumbs up for these Finnish gore grinders!

Bloodshed 2004 was definitely worth the money; because the main stage had such a monstrous line up that it was quite impossible to flop. The small stage however had its charms, but too bad the sound was really bad. I’m eagerly awaiting the first news about the line up for the 2005 edition, but that’s almost a year away, so I’ll have to be patient. My compliments go to Luc, vocalist of FUBAR, who made this festival possible. I also give my compliments to all of the bands that played here and entertained a hungry grinding crowd. It was since Obscene, that I witnessed such a nice show.
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

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