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The Dresden Dolls - A non-metal night in The Hague
Two days before this concert had to take place I was asked to do an interview with The Dresden Dolls. Unfortunately I didn’t really know any songs from this band but while I had read many good reviews and heard many positive reactions about their live performance I took this opportunity to get to know this band a little bit better. So, last Friday I went to The Hague, together with my mum and a friend of her (yeah, you read that very well, my mum and a friend!).
Together with Buzzin Hornet and Shaydee I prepared an interview for The Dresden Dolls which will be online later this week. Well, it sure wasn’t a metalnight but while this growing band plays ‘Brechtian Punk Cabaret’, it was good enough to be on our website.
First of all this was my first concert ever without a support act, which was a pretty strange thing for me. Well, I wasn’t really disappointed by that while the poster bills said that some kind of DJ would be the support act, not exciting at all for me! Fortunately I couldn’t notice any DJ that night. Ok then the venue itself, another surprising thing to me! I can’t remember any concert in my whole life which was in such a small venue; it actually had the capacity of only 275 people or so. This small venue automatically led to a stage with the size of a big couch. Fortunately for The Dresden Dolls the band consists of only 2 members, which made the stage perfectly fitting the band.
I was surprised by the audience while all kinds of people had found their way to this small venue. It made me really curious about the music that would be performed this night.
As I said before, The Dresden Dolls play Brechtian Punk Cabaret. Not familiar with this sound? Well, just imagine a boy and a girl, the boy hitting his drums like he’s in a metalband and the girl playing her piano like her life is depending from how hard she hits the keys. With an incredible and most of all beautiful voice, singer Amanda screams, whispers and sings gently through a great setlist. A setlist with some special songs in them, that’s for sure. Songs like ‘Missed Me’, ‘Good Day’ and ‘Half Jack’ were performed perfectly! There is not even another word to describe this night but AWESOME! Best received by the fans was of course the new single from the band, ‘Coin-Operated Boy’. Most people were singing along and I found myself singing along with the others. Definitely great songs were the covers from Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ and even the Britney Spears cover from ‘Hit me Baby’ was actually a better version of the song than the original one. To please the Dutch crowd The Dresden Dolls also played the cover song ‘Port of Amsterdam’, originally a Jaques Brel song. After the band left the crowd yelling for some more, the band hit the stage again to give a little extra which actually contained three whole songs! Really people! I know it sounds weird but I hope everybody will check this band out the next time they’re in Holland, it’s worth your money. It’s not metal but it’s good, real good.