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Grind To The Core II - Baroeg, Rotterdam
6 grind/death metal bands were programmed. Some bands are real great names in the scene ( like Regurgitate) but there were also some bands that needed the promotion. Rompeprop: Too bad I couldn't make it on time to watch the full show, but I've witnessed 4 or 5 songs, which all sounded quite funny. Rompeprop uses vocaldistortions because their leadsinger Steven Smegma fucked up his throat in his former band, and was adviced by the doctors to quit singing. Very funny band indeed. Brutus: Brutus had a special show, as it was their CD presentation. With free promo samplers they threw in the audience they tried to win the audience. The package didn't only contain the promo disc, but also some weed and the right stuff to fix a joint with. Little bit overdone, but funny. They ofcourse played several songs from the album, like Onan, Slachtbeest, Vleespomp and Ontrouw. But also some covers passed the set. Cannibal Corpses Post Mortal Ejaculation was played for instance. With a very strong set they concluded their presentation and I think Brutus have certainly won some souls to buy the album when it comes out in May/June. Disavowed: I've not seen this band perform because of the need of food..... But I've seen and heard some bits of the music and I must say it didn't sound bad. The main influence this band has certainly is Dying Fetus, as their sound was exactly the same. I somewhere regret I haven't seen the band perform. Bile: 3 dudes completly covered in blood, drunk as fuck, and.... FROM LIMBURG. Sorry, but this band really sucked. Suppository: Metalrage has reviewed the album they recently brought out. But now it's time to see if they can perform live. Suppository plays real good and fast grindcore and with a set containing 25 songs they filled 40 minutes. Many songs from Punching Out Reality were played and the live performance was quite good. It surely was sick, as the most grindcore fans are quite sick ;) Regurgitate: These 4 grinders from Sweden have a quite long history. They have the fame to be instantly linked. For instance, when I say grindcore, most grindcore fans will say: Regurgitate. Now it was time to watch the legends. With a set containing more than 40 songs with an average lenght of 20 seconds they blasted through the set. The sound was good and the music was good to mosh. As I'm not an expert on grindcore ( I must confess that I really wasn't paying attention anymore after Bile) I will leave the titles of the songs, for I just don't know which songs they played... Review by Mat-Core
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Grind To The Core II