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Gorecity - Pitch and Poeka!!!
It was somewhere in the summer holidays of 2004 when I heard of a very brutal minifest on the 30th of January 2005. The festival was named Gorecity and meant as a party for the founder of Rompeprop; Steven Smegma. The time flew past and before I really realised it, it was the 30th of January. There are two things that I need to say. First, due to a lunch break after Last Days Of Humanity, that turned out somewhat longer than planned, I wasn’t able to see anything but the last song of Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition. Second,  Ahumado Granujo were missing, and were stuck somewhere in Germany 100 miles from Eindhoven, so it wasn’t certain that they would play.
Cock And Ball Torture
Negligent Collateral Collapse (N.C.C.)
Ahumado Granujo
Cerebral Turbulency
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition
Last Days Of Humanity
Dennis and his co-surgeons made the stage unsafe again. The show wasn’t spectacularly different from the last time I saw them in Weert. I do not care for the show though, because the addicting poeka rhythms made everybody happy. Full charged gore-grind just the way I like it, which means: pitchshifters, poeka and a lot of funny announcements. I do recall that they’ve played quite some songs from the last Split with Tu Carne, at least they played my favourite 2 songs of that album: As She Licks My Only Ball and The Dolphin Sprayhole Fucker.
I’m totally into gore-grind and almost every band that produces this kind of shit, but today I heard the first band in this scene that could not really entertain me for long. Intumescence. They tried hard and the music was amusing at first, but after 3 or 4 songs it became boring and I tended to fall asleep. Rolling a big fat joint was the result of this band, and I missed the rest of it.  
Because I almost dozed off after Intumescence, and the weed wasn’t making things better, I hardly noticed Cliteater was about to play. It was because I sensed a blond, slim and tall hippie coming on stage who took his place behind the drums. I knew then that Maurice and his companions were to crush the Effenaar. Crushing it was, although the show was nearly the same as the last time I saw them. They played some new songs though, which were sounding really cool. Songs like Profane Martyr, I killed R.L., Hobo Shooting and 4$ Bitch Disfigurement were already known to me, because those songs are from the previous album Clit Em’ All. The new songs had some funny titles and blasted the snot out of the crowd. The response of the crowd was swelling! Finishing their more than average show with the title song for the new album “Eat Clit Or Die” Cliteater have proven themselves again!
Last Days Of Humanity:
The bass player of LDOH was active earlier this day with Intumescence and had a re-match with LDOH. Luckily, Last days kicked way harder and the vocals were totally freaked out! Its quite impossible to remember any song they’ve played, because it ain’t possible to hear difference between their songs. You can hear when they start a song and when they end it. Remarkably, the whole band starts and finishes together as a whole, thus knowing you’ve just heard a complete song. Altogether it was a very decent show with a lot of songs and a lot of fun!
Cerebral Turbulency:
The first foreign band who had to play on Gorecity was Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, but because I missed them due to a lunch pause, Cerebral Turbulency were the first foreigners I saw. C.T. have their lair in the Czech Republic and are crazy as hell! Their vocalist was dressed in something that most resembled with a dress and he certainly must be the ugliest creature ever conceived! His looks were odd, but his vocals were crazed! His way of singing/growling made it possible to produce a pitchshifted sound, without a pitchshifter, thus producing everything with his own throat. My compliments go out to this band for the mega brutal sound! The show itself was in one word funny, the flipped out grindcore we were hearing made the Effenaar happy for sure. Their songs came from a variety of albums, but I recall some songs from Germ Of Error, their latest mini. Those songs were the only ones I remembered that night.
Due to the fact that Ahumado Granujo were still missing, Pigsty (also from Czech Republic) were next. The last time I saw Pigsty it was somewhere near 2 or 3 o’clock in the night somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the Czech Republic. I do recall that they’ve blasted my balls of that night, and I really was looking forward to hear them with the sound in the Effenaar. My suspicion was true, because this show was so fucking neat that I cannot find a lack or error somewhere! Songs from No Return and Spiders were regulated between older songs. The most interesting song I heard was their new effort called Pigs Are Back, which is also the title of the new album. I must admit that I instantly went searching for this album and heard it in totality now, and it’s an album that I’ll buy for sure next time I come in Czech (Obscene Extreme has the best grindmarket in Europe!)
I wasn’t unfamiliar with the next band, because I’ve had quite some fun with them already. First interviewing these French bastards, and then completely going berserk during their show, losing my Suffocation cap and some cash which sat loose in my pocket. This story is originated from Obscene Extreme and I was hoping we were treated with the same show as there. My expectation wasn’t completely fulfilled though, but I didn’t mind that. The only difference today was the appearance, because they weren’t naked. The outfits were crazed out as usual, but no naked private parts on stage this time. I can now tell you how much I enjoyed the show and list almost every song I heard, but that would take too much time. The songs of this night were almost all from their self-titled debut and their mini Satanic Tuning Club, but I recall one song from the split with Gruesome Stuff Relish and Gorerotted. Whispers told me that this was Gronibard’s last show ever and I would regret that. Musically, these grinding Frenchmen were showing off some real quality! Thus ended one magnificent show and I don’t recall anything more about it, except me jumping and hopping through the crowd with a beer and a fat tjonko!
Negligent Collateral Collapse (N.C.C.):
The next band scheduled, I’ve never witnessed live before. I saw some live footage on the Obscene Extreme DVD of 2003, wherefore a review will be added soon. This was the only material I’ve seen of them, except for the 2 albums I have in my possession. The show itself was quite different than I expected it. The songs are quite in the same line as Cock And Ball Torture, but with more strictness added to it. Most songs were slow, but some were really pounding as hell. I must admit that I liked the songs from Paranormal Nanodivision the best, because they’re technically perfect. They also played them technically perfect, which added to the joy of the crowd. This was the last band from the Czech Republic that had to perform (If you not add Ahumado Granujo to that list) here and they made it worth waiting for it!
Cock And Ball Torture:
The band I was really waiting for, the best 'poeka' band in existence on this very earth. Too bad I was somewhat disappointed about the sound, because I expected somewhat more tempo. I know CBT produces slow, “poeka-ish” songs but their discography contains faster work as well. I know that CBT turned a new path with Sadochismo, and haven’t been playing those songs live anymore. Everybody can have his own opinion about this, but I’m not really happy with it. A beer and a nice stuff joint however made it very bearable and I found myself slumping and hogging along with the crowd. I only recalled the songs Enema Bulldozer and Kamikaze Incest from Sadochismo coming through. The show wasn’t spectacular, because the band only stood on stage, somewhat head-nodding and still, but I’d expected that. When I add everything together, I must confess that the show itself was very audible to witness and that most people were thinking the same!
Ahumado Granujo:
A small wonder occurred when Steven Smegma came on stage during the show of CBT with the news that Ahumado Granujo just entered the building and would be playing after CBT. I. however, was totally broken down and nearly disabled because of the ordeal I’ve been through. 10 hours of Gore-grind is a dream come true, but it’s exhausting as well! Ahumado have the tendency to start their songs with very cool electronic noise and psychedelic-like intro’s. The music is 100% gore-grind in the right way of the word and ‘poeka’ rhythms conquered the audience. I was sitting in the café, next to the main stage and heard it well enough. I really don’t know if the show was entertaining to watch, but it sounded okay for me. The best songs that came past, were all from the Chemical Holocaust album and if I had somewhat more energy, I would have bounced and tripped my freaked ass out. I just had enough.
After a very weary day, I’m left with the best feeling in the world: total satisfaction. The line-up of this day was so fucking incredible that I really couldn’t believe that all those bands would be there in the Effenaar all on the same day. Even Ahumado made it to Eindhoven, perhaps 5 hours later than planned, but they stood and conquered, as did all bands! The only band that somewhat disappointed me was Intumescence, because they were the only band that were somewhat weaker than the rest. I do not think it’s shameful though, because tonight the Crème de la Crème of Gore-Grind were performing. Gorecity I was a definite success and for 13 euro’s it was totally worth it as well. I’ll await Gorecity II!!
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

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