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Arnhem Hardcore Meeting - Dillinger, Panic, No Turning Back, Knuckledust and others
Arnhem Hardcore Meeting – Live View
The first thing I thought, when I heard about the Arnhem Hardcore meeting was: Rather expensive for a hardcore show. But the line-up and venue made up for that.�
Strike First
November Coming Fire
Sex Positions
Razor Crusade
Planes Mistaken For Stars
No Turning Back
Eighteen Visions
Good Clean Fun
Dillinger Escape Plan
Misery Signal
As you can see, there were 2 stages, 15 bands, 9.5 hours. The two stages were positioned opposite to each other in the same hall, when a band finished playing, the noise would/could start on the other podium.
First up was Reflections latest acquisition, Omission. Sadly enough, I wasn't able to catch them in time because I entered during the last two songs of local NYHC band Strike First, which sounded pretty good. Life is treating Strike First well. They got some nice shows coming up, playing with bands like Agnostic Front, Deadstop, Mindgrab and Terror.
November Coming Fire, I heard good things about this band. And I was glad I took the time to check them out (It wasn’t like I had to go anywhere anyway).� Screaming metalcore, great riffs, ok performance, BUT sadly the vocals didn’t make it at times. Being out of breath or out of sound, I don’t know. What I do know is that seeing this big rough metalcore singer, looking all tough and stuff catching his breath… no can’t do. Maybe it wasn’t his day. Apart from that, good show.
Sex Positions was up next, never heard of them. The name makes me think of some cheap punkband, but they are nothing like that.
They are experimental, new wave and hardcore combined. With ‘the Animal’ on drums and constant weird delays and freaky squeaks and solo’s on guitar. Clearly not my thing, but they put on a good show and were well received.
I've seen Razor Crusade numerous times and it stays a pleasure to watch them. If they wouldn't have been there it wouldn't have been a reflections party, would it! The unusual dance moves of singer Ivo and bass-player Harm's nasty moustache. With their fresh hardcore/emocoreish sound they are a hit. Sadly enough, the acoustics of the building, as with about every other band, made the vocals sound less enticing than they are! Great band.
Justice old-school hardcore sound from Belgium is making ground at a rapid tempo. Not being the greatest musicians, but giving a great show! First band to loosen up the public.
Things are going the right way for Justice, they have my support.
Modern Life is War. What is it with that band that seems to get everyone on extacy? Why does everyone float on adrenaline after this band? Is it because they are like the crowd? They are not the biggest buffest toughest guys, they can be identified with. Yet their shows make everyone tremble. Extremely tight play and a voice to die for. Modern Life is War gives us great lyrics great riffs, massive breaks and seem to build up every song to an apocalypse. This band kicks. ��������������
After Modern Life is War it is time to mosh things up with Gangstyle's Knuckledust. Toughguy hardcore on an oldschool level. Everyone loves to see legs flying everywhere. Bands like this are about show, look tough, act tough, play tough. And they look the part and act it. A tight show from Knuckledust, check em out.
Reflections baby, Malkovich is fast, tight and some say ‘a genius band’.
I think it's not my style, noise all around, ugly screams. But hey, they do have a female bass player and yes, the band played a good show. Just not my thing.
No Turning Back, NTB. This band is making it big. New line-up, a little strange to see a drummer with hair, but they still blast holes in the thickest walls. These guys are on their way to being Europe’s greatest. They got a chance, took it with both hands and are now holding on for dear life. And hell, we’re glad they did. Great show guys. Don’t miss these guys when they play anywhere near you.
Eighteen Visions was clearly not my thing. The popular looking fashioncore band couldn't interest me, although they played pretty tight. I went for the merch at this point. �
It’s time for some Good Clean Fun. Everyone put on your dancing shoes! Great show from these vegan masters and the only Europe show in 2005. The always smiling meatbeating straight-edge Good Clean Fun takes over the stage and the danceflour with their hit being a cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rapsody. The crowd loves em even though he can’t sing one tone! Diving and great fun.
Converge keep the stage alive. Not a dull, not a silent moment. With a new album out on Epitaph and a sick looking vocalist they got the crowd on their hand. Earth trembling screams. They radiate some freaky but powerful energy. Converge never was my thing. But they put on a great show.
Old-school hardcore with Panic in a one-time reunion show that screams for more. Energetic riffs and vocals. A S.O.I.A. cover to blast things up and the scene is satisfied. Not the greatest show, but a clean fight.
Headliner Dillinger’s (the Dillinger Escape Plan) mathcore brings chaos. Progressive in every sense of the word. The music is something you like or don’t like. The vocalist is someone you appreciate for his skills, but when you see guitarist Ben jump up on the bass amp and jumping against speakers and falling to the floor like there’s no tomorrow, you love their show. They give their all and the world is more than willing to take it. Dillinger is taking over.
Misery Signals is left to say goodbye to the crowd. And what a goodbye it is. I never heard of this band, but I was very, very positively surprised. Put Avenged Sevenfold in second gear, take out a few solo’s and Misery Signals is born. Tight show, happy they took the time to fly over from the states.
All in all the Arnhem Hardcore Meeting was a success. With most of the band splitting up to go on their own tours or go home we had a one-time chance to watch all these bands together.
‘Modern Life is War’, ‘Knuckledust’, ‘No Turning Back’, ‘Razor Crusade’ and ‘Misery Signals’ took my breath away. Sad thing the acoustics in this place sort of fucked up the sound. You know how it goes, guitars become echoes drums become echoes and nobody knows what that singer is singing! Great day though
Robin out.
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Spoerie

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