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Concubine - Together with Liftid
Friday, 5 PM, we get a call from Perron 55. They need DJ’s for tonight’s show with Concubine and Liftid. We were sitting in a train with a major hangover and were like: sure, free beer and music! And we know Concubine is a guaranteed cool live act, and it was a good opportunity to see how the guys from Liftid are doing nowadays. Let’s do it!
Liftid have never really done something to my liking, although they are pretty good musicians. It’s mainly the vocals that make it sound like any typical Dutch nu-metal/emocore  act. The music also lacks the heaviness to create an intense vibe when playing live, even though they are tuned down to B.
The music they make has been thought through pretty well, but I’d like to see a bit more variation, in particular from the drummer. This is still not my style of music, perhaps that influences my opinion too much. But I wandered through the audience asking how the people felt about it and most of them (who weren’t fifteen year old girls) had an opinion quite similar to mine. Just try making it heavier and perhaps try something with rap…? I don’t know.
Now Concubine is something I would never buy, but something I like to see live. That, and the fact that I had already lost count on how many bottles beer I had consumed caused me to join in the moshpit that consisted of those wild hardcore manoeuvres executed by rather slim kids. I floored all of them at least once. I had so many bruises the day after, goddamn! I even got punched right in the face! Enough about that, now you at least understand it was a pretty rowdy atmosphere. And it should be, because the sound was awesome. Pumping metal riffs were blasting through the speakers, combined with some emo (which is the reason for me not to buy this) and some jazzy ska.
The musicians of this band execute this stuff extremely well, and seem to enjoy every second of the show themselves. As long as the crowd gives some feedback that is. Very nice indeed, definitely worth checking out when playing near you.
Details Written on Thursday Nov 3rd, 2005
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Concubine