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Children of Bodom + Soilwork + Shadows Fall - Hate Rolls Over Europe Tour
Shadows Fall: The evening started with Shadows Fall, who now have proven that they can compete with the real top. With a brilliant new album out called The Art Of Balance, they have several strong songs for live playing. Shadows Fall wasn�t really noticed until now, and with a hit single called: Thoughts Without Words they have reached the world. Now about the show. The gentlemen of Shadows Fall were blessed with a real killer sound and they were even more technically than expected. It was just a great opener for a band like Children of Bodom, with tracks like: Idle Hands, Stepping Outside The Circle and Destroyer Of Senses, which are all from the new record, they had a strong set. Especially because all of the better older songs were played, like Deadworld and Fleshold. With the crushing style of heavy metal mixed with aggressive Hardcore/Metalcore they have certainly warmed up the audience. Soilwork: [IMG][/IMG] I�ve expected much about Soilwork. While my favourite album is The Chainheart Machine, I could only hope that they would play some older stuff. I believe they started their set with a new song called Rejection Role, a song that has some new metal influences. The set was very various by the way, and it wasn�t easy to pin Soilwork on one style, as almost all songs sounded differently. They played an interesting set with songs like Needlefeast, Structure Divine, Follow The Hollow and As We Speak. Soilwork surely had a great response from the audience, and it was well deserved. Maybe too bad, but Soilwork haven�t reached the level of performance Shadows Fall had reached. The sound was quite bad because the sound of the drums didn�t sound well as the bassdrum was wrongly set. But that doesn�t mean the music was bad, in the contrary! Soilwork was to announce its final 2 songs of the evening, which were Figure Number Five and The Chainheart Machine. After these 2 fast songs they leaved, only to return for an encore, which I missed. Children Of Bodom: [IMG][/IMG] It was easy to see that almost everyone in the hall came for these Finnish melodic death metallers. CoB let everyone wait for almost 30 minutes, but when they finally came on stage with their opening song called Needled 24/7 they instantly crushed some fragile minds. The sound was very clear and Alexi had his voice up high. Because the tour is named Hate Rolls over Europe, it was imminent that many songs from Hatecrew Deathroll would be played. Songs like Sixpounder, You�re Better Off Dead, Chokehold and Angels Don�t Kill were all played and especially Sixpounder sounded very good live. Most songs were from the last two albums and songs from the earlier albums Hatebreeder and Something Wild were actually missed out on the set. They played one song from Something Wild and 3 or 4 songs from Hatebreeder. Luckily they played Warheart and Silent Night, Bodom Night as those two songs are real live songs and good enough to start a huge pit. After awhile CoB held a little break which was filled by Janne Warman and Alexi Leiho, who began a solo battle against each other. Janne played almost exact the same stuff as Alexi did on his guitar, which sounded absolutely great. Jaska was also free to solo for the audience, and the crowd could enjoy some very great drum work. Great moment in the show was the song Everytime I Die, which is a true headbanging song. Kissing The Shadows was one of the earlier songs and Children of Decadence was also played. After awhile CoB had to announce its last song, which was as expected Hatecrew Deathroll, the title track of the new album. After this very cool song, CoB left the stage, only to return some minutes later for an encore. The encore was, how surprisingly, Downfall. One last outburst from the audience on this song and after that it was done. Bodom left the stage after some thanking, and Metalrage could begin preparing the interview, which you can read somewhere on this site. I can conclude that this was a real killer night and for 15 $ you could have enjoyed some very great, technical music. Review by: Matko
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Children of Bodom + Soilwork + Shadows Fall