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Revenge Of The Rock n Roll Monsters 2005 - Everything Dikker Than Everything Else
The Revenge Of The Rock n Roll Monsters tour returns for the second time! In 2002 Peter Pan Speedrock invited four relatively unknown bands to hit the Dutch roads. Back then we got to enjoy The Spades (in their prime), The Apers, Fury 161 and the El Guapo Stunt Team. Three years on, and I was happy to see that the only place to be able to enjoy alternative music in my current home-town Hilversum, the Tagrijn venue, had booked this tour. No way out, if Peter Pan Speedrock and friends play in a little attic a hundred meters from your front-door, you have to check 'em out.

Unfortunately I missed the opening band, Black Rodeo, but I soon heard it was spectacular. Too bad. I entered the Tagrijn attic when 69 Charger, a rock n roll group from the home-town of Peter Pan Speedrock were playing. 69 Charger hit the attending rockers with none-stop uptempo songs, but due to the earlie time of the evening the crowd remained relatively timid. 69 Charger will probably gain some new fans throughout this tour, as they are a fun band to rock out to.

..and now for something completely different, as John Cleese would say. Fifty Foot Combo comes equipt with a two-headed percussion monster, an insanely energetic female organ player and mainly instrumental surf rock! Heads started nodding instantly as the first keys on the organ were hit, and remained nodding throughout the concert. It has to be said, Fifty Foot Combo rock shit hot, but instrumental material has to be your cup of tea. If not, boredom is lurking around the corner. Personally, I could stomache it quite well, even though Surf has never been and will never be my favorite genre.

You wanted brooms? You've got brooms! The low ceiling of the Tagrijn was about to be dusted off like never before, cause the German psycho's Mad Sin are back in The Netherlands! The psychobilly punks with their broomy haircuts, excitingly danceable music and cool low-budget live show were the first to really get it started as far as audience excitement went. Broom number one hit the contrabass and a moshpit got started that didn't get to a hold untill te gig ended. A couple of songs about horror thematics, crazy running jumping and entertaining 'dance' moves by the singer, some fireworks from the bass, a joke or two "we won't be invading your country, we're here to rock you', it was all good fun. And it's all entertaining enough to not be bothered by a teeth-grinding peeping noise that one of the guitars made. This is a reminder, go see a Mad Sin show if you get a chance.

Around midnight, it was time for what is probably one of the best bands our silly litte country holds, the impecible Peter Pan Speedrock. Everything dikker than everything else! Dikke Dennis got on stage, shouted in his familiar subtile tone "Okee dan!", and the show got on the road. As PPS is around as long as they are, we can easily talk about a 'greatest hits' setlist. The Eindhoven Rockcity three have recorded one smash album after the other, with their latest 'Spread Eagle' as my personal favorite. Ressurection, Go Satan Go, Donkey Punch, Rock City, and of course the latest superb rock n roll classics such as Cockteaser, Tonight Allright and Better Off Dead were all present. A very special moment was the appearance of the guitarist of The Shavers on stage, with whom PPS along with Dikke Dennis played the cover 'R.A.M.O.N.E.S.'. And of course the other two Dikke Dennis hits "De Schoppen Aas" and "Megas Des Titas" got played. After a long encore (dedicated to Dikke Dennis "big tits") show's over and time had come to go home with a satisfied feeling in my belly. Hopefully the next Revenge Of The Rock n Roll Monsters tour won't be waiting to take off for 3 years time!
Details Written on Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005
Writer @Lex

Tags: #Revenge Of The Rock n Roll Monsters 2005