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In-Quest - Brutal, and more brutal.
So the day after the Sengaia show I discovered that there we three metal bands coming to De Bosuil in Weert. Headliner was In-Quest, a death-metalcore band from Belgium that I had seen at the Graspop festival in Belgium the previous year. They kicked ass back then, so I hoped that they would do that again this night. I found a mate who was with me yesterday as well to accompany me there, out for another night of drinking and metal.
Opening act for this evening was Rectify, a Dutch thrashcore act. And as soon as they started to play, I thanked hell for the PA that De Bosuil possesses, as well as handles perfectly. Extremely smooth sounding riffs flew from the speakers, but all of them must have been done by at least ten bands already. So I wasn’t interested that long. They hardly put on a live show, besides the vocalist who occasionally kicked a hole in the air. He had a very high pitched scream, that suited the aggression of the music fine but became boring quite fast as well. To the bar!
But when the second band came on stage we were quickly drawn away from that bar. The Anti-Doctrine has recently been signed to Roadrunner Records and I could see why. An intense live performance, tight riffing and a powerful vocalist made this semi mathcore act a force to be reckoned with. I’m very much into rhythmical stuff, so I almost instantly love it. The music consisted of quite some extreme Dillinger Escape Plan parts that were executed very tight and precise, for the rest there was some heavy ass thrashcore riffing. A perfect combination if you ask me. The vocalist possessed quite a number of interesting screams and some reasonable emo vocals that I could listen to pretty good. Fortunately the emo vocals were very limited. I seriously need to buy something from this band because I simply loved their music and their live act. I’m gonna see them again next month!
So after this killer show, was there still hope that In-Quest would prove to be a worthy headliner? The answer is a triple-yes! The PA was still sounding better than most venue’s do so that already helped a lot, but they played such fantastic brutal riffs I just had to drink beer and bang my head. As the songs progressed we were treated to some class A death-metalcore that had so many riffs of which I wish I had written them myself. All this accompanied by a charismatic vocalist that could throw out some pretty low grunts and some throat-molesting screams. Me and my friend could no longer resist and with a big smile on our faces we both raised our glasses of beer to this band, to which we got a response in the form of devilhorns.
This highly moshable music is probably the best metal I ever heard from Belgium. It has one of the best grooves ever and I need to get their last album as soon as possible. Check this out people!