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The Apers , El Guapo Stuntteam and The Bezerkerz - Effenaar, Eindhoven
[b]What better thing to do on a rainy Sunday night than an evening filled with oldschool punkrock? Well, a whole of things if you�d ask tonight�s audience in the Effenaar club in Eindhoven. Because frankly, tonight�s bands had to deal with a bunch of arrogant assholes. For about three hours the people in the sparsely filled Effenaar stood there looking totally underground and bored. Bunch of wankers, why pay if you don�t like the bill in the first place? Fact is that ticket sales for tonight�s gig went extremely bad and that half of the people there where on the guest list. Not quite a solid basis for a good atmosphere I reckon. Thank god for punk rock bands, at least they felt like giving one hell of a show. Here goes.[/b] Opening this night for, sadly an uninterested audience was the Detroit style punk Rock n Roll formation [b]The Bezerkerz[/b]. Playing in front of a half-empty club is never a pleasant experience, but the band didn�t give a shit seemingly, and gave all they could give. Forty-five minutes of rock n roll hell. The music this band plays is quite uptempo, not to rough though but the bottom line seems to be good songs. Having just released a record, The Bezerkerz played their material with style and grace, but failed to please most of tonight�s shitty underground trash visitors. Fuck �em they must have thought as they continued to play some of their rock n roll party music with astounding dedication. Well at least I was impressed, it sounded quite good and their overall performance was energetic and fun to watch. A band to keep an eye open for I must say. After a bit of a long pause because of the delayed arrival of the band members, [b]El Guapo Stuntteam[/b] entered the Effenaar stage. This is my second encounter with this superb Belgian punk rock�n�roll formation, the first being somewhat difficult for the band (playing in front of 5 to 10 people in a suddenly very big 013) but nevertheless very impressive, so I was eager to see the band perform in the Effenaar tonight. Thought the fucked up attitude in the audience, the band gave a hundred percent, and managed to please the people who came to hear music in stead of standing there with a bored facial expression. And they did well indeed! The band has actually grown quite a bit since the last time I saw them, and rocked the hell out of me. Even through all the technical problems the band encountered (one broken bass guitar, one drumkit falling apart and one lead guitar breaking down) they managed to continue the set in style and serve the crowd some heavy rock tones to nod your head to in appreciation. Yes even the true underground rockabillies had problems not smiling, this band is a fury you have to see and hear to believe. The charming Belgians had a somewhat shortened set because of their late arrival and their almost entire kit crashing down, but pleased me to say the least. Just like the Bezerkerz, a band to keep your ears and eyes open for! For some strange reason tonight's headlining act [b]The Apers[/b] must have had one hell of a shitty night tonight. I just didn�t get why the crowd didn�t go apeshit (nice word joke ey?) for this Punkrock band from Rotterdam, especially if you consider the high amount of guestlist visitors. But you just have to admire this band. Even though they also had some technical problems, where tired from a recent tour through Switzerland, the as mentioned retards in the audience shouting stupid stuff like �play you idiots� and even a beer shower for lead singer Kevin Aper, they kept spirits up and even bitched the assholes who couldn't appreciate the singers one-liners and jokes by stalling some of the songs with hilarious anecdotes and funny stories. It�s that fuck you all attitude you just gotta love that attracts the Apers to a lot of Dutch rock and punk lovers that made tonight�s show so special. They where shouted at, bitched at and called names, and even then they managed to keep the spirits up and play music like they should. Tonight�s set was a nice mixture of their latest album The Buzz Electric and their older work, all evenly positive in sound and lyrics, all evenly enthousiatic performed. The energy this band radiates is amazing and the music is great, so I simply don�t understand why the people attending tonight�s gig where so bloody bored and annoyingly skeptic towards the music. Absolute worst moment was the dork who felt it was necessary to throw beer at Kevin. But he didn�t seem to care, just joked about it and started the next song. I would have been pissed and kicked the fuckers ass, but hell no he just ignored him. Respect! After twelve cool surfy Ramones-like punk songs the set came to an end close to midnight and I when home having enjoyed the music and not so much the shitty audience. A bizarre night, to say the least.
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Lex

Tags: #The Apers #El Guapo Stuntteam and The Bezerkerz