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Rise and Fall - Hardcore goes hard
As I was planning on going to The Anti Doctrine this evening, it appeared that no one would accompany me there. So I decided I’d co-DJ at a local hardcore show. It’s always nice to get drunk for free and watch some violent moshing! Even though I’m not a hardcore head, so don’t get offended by this review if you are! :P
The first band, dubbed Human Demise, sounded all right musically. Straight up hardcore riffing with some beat downs here and there. Nothing special, but nicely executed. Except for the vocals. That guy got just one noise out of his throat and it sounded like shit. A high pitched scream that you don’t want to hear ever again after three times or so. But since I also had to co-work the bar in the café I split towards that direction.
Next band up was even worse. Justice, was an old-skool hardcore act, which I can definitely not appreciate. It looks way too much like punk in my opinion. So to be honest I only witnessed three tracks of it before getting bored to death. Yes I’d rather work behind a bar than watch thirty minutes of punk-like noise. If it ain’t got no metal beat downs or what so ever, it’s nothing I can relate to.
I was told that Rise and Fall would be to my liking, so I was pretty curious about this act. Also, I hadn’t seen any violence on the dance floor, and I was hoping that they were about to change that. First of all, the shit way too loud. And I mean WAAAAAY too loud. The guitar wasn’t even coming from the speakers anymore, just from his amplifier. Which happened to be a Sunn 0))), hell fucking yeah.
Second of all, there was violence. Finally! I even participated in my first hardcore pit ever and I kicked a guy in the head, accidentally. But it almost got out of hand when two people were about to beat each others brains in for real. I had to jump in with a couple of other people and calm the situation down. Even the vocalist of Rise and Fall was helping with that.
Back to the show then. I definitely could appreciate this band over the other two, but I still felt as if there something was missing. Besides convincing the people of being loud and nasty, there should be more beat downs I think. But the way they connected with the crowd during the mosh pit was amazing to see. A nice live band indeed, but a tad too loud (118 decibels) and too little variation if you ask me.
Details Written on Friday Feb 17th, 2006
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Rise and Fall
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