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Monstrosity - A cosy death metal evening
The European Monstrosity headlining tour included some nice bands in its line-up, so Metalrage reporters Mat-Core and DemonDust decided to pay a little visit to one of the shows. Beer, weed and death metal were the ingredients chosen to make this evening an interesting and certainly not sober one.
The only thing that I knew about this band, was based on records and some stuff I read in magazines. I knew that some of those dudes played in Exhumed, but I interviewed them later and found out about it. This interview should be online soon enough, so you can find the detailed nonsense story of Impaled. Well, the first thing about the show, WHAT A FUCKING GREAT SOUND! The Effenaar is capable to create such a sound boom that really blasts you away. The songs were fast and technical and the subsequential vocals made it really sound like a copycat of Exhumed. I must confess though, that I enjoyed Impaled more than I ever enjoyed an Exhumed concert. Impaled played songs from all albums and what I really enjoyed was the very impressing show of the bass player, who also delivered the low grunts. Mister Sewage really has a throat most Neanderthals would have been proud of!
This band was actually the very first death metal concert I paid for and went to, about four years ago or so. It had quite an impact on me back then, so I hoped they were about to do that again. Even though there are only two members left over from that first encounter (the guitarist and the drummer), I had high expectations. And by god they were lived up to! Technical death metal of very high standards was thrown at us at a rapid pass and with high amount of brutality. The replacing vocalist seemed to be quite able to copy the old vocalist’s grunt so I was very happy when some old songs came by that didn’t sound too different. I overheard a conversation in which was stated that the drummer was suffering from I believe a stomach infection or something, but was still playing the set masterfully... with a hooded sweater on! The original guitarist made quite an impression on me, this dude sure knows how to play some technical shit. Amazing performance by an amazing band.
Deeds Of Flesh:
I wasn’t really overwhelmed by this band that has produced the same music for years now. I recall the first show I saw them and remember it was ass kicking. The second time was a lot less fun and all the times after that was because there wasn’t performing another band somewhere else. I totally respect what these guys perform on stage musically, but their appearance is less than a bale of hay. Okay, the sound was astonishing and I could make my head nod for a few moments, but after 2 songs, which lasted 10 minutes of the same technical loops and riffs, I had enough. People who really appreciate brutal US death metal… I think I’ll better go listening Brodequin or Disgorge.
Never been a fan of this type of death metal and I guess I never will be. No matter how well it’s played, how brutal the vocalist is, or how many blastbeats you can deliver in a minute, it still bores me to death after, like, three tracks or less.
Nevertheless, Monstrosity delivered a hell of a show and the sound was very nice too, like with all of the bands this evening. The crowd’s response wasn’t all too exciting, as was mine and indeed after three tracks or so I knew enough about this show. Nicely delivered, a good night for the fans of this band, but definitely not my type of brutal shit.
Details Written on Wednesday Apr 19th, 2006
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Monstrosity