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Dinosaur Jr and The Drones - Legends on stage; pure magic!
 Wow…it’s two days after Dinosaur Jr’s show and my ears are still fucked. I’m getting a little bit worried now. On the other side, that show was just awesome! We were looking forward to it quite some time. All the expectations came out so it couldn’t be any better. Besides that we had the opportunity to have a short chat with Murph (drummer of Dinosaur Jr). Check it out later on the interview section.

It was on a rainy Wednesday when the Tivoli in Utrecht got rocked out by Dinosaur Jr. Before they got on stage The Drones had to warm the audience up. Not sure if they got the audience with them but they sure rocked the place. The music is kind of weird if you’d ask me. A bit experimental and impulsive. Tough it was very energetic and powerful. I liked it in special kind of way. Not sure if I could listen to it at home but live it was pretty good.

Then after a short brake it was time for the ‘old’ rockers of Dinosaur Jr to get on stage. We saw Jay Mascis perform solo once before. He didn’t have much charm in his performance then. When he got up the stage this time it was about the same. Don’t think you get a show like you could expect from the modern bands. Dinosaur Jr is all about the music and the mystic that carries this band. But from the moment that the first song kicked in, it was all magic. The Tivoli got loaded with Dinosaur fans and you could see and feel the love they have for these legends.

 So okay, as Jay, Murph and Lou got older they stopped jumping around on stage. Not sure if they ever did that though…but their show hides in the music. So powerfull, so melancholic. The sound they have is just one of a kind. The volume was put on maximum which made the never ending solo’s of Jay sound just great. There was this story that they only would play songs from their first three albums. My friend Jos announced me that they also played songs from later albums that night. With that they played over an hour and a half. With the force hide in the music the show ended up in one big moshpit and even one lonely stagedive. It was just great.

This was one of the shows that are magical and special in its own way. I’m sure everybody enjoyed themselves. I want to thank BoEk for his help arranging the interview. Jos for his knowledge about Dinosaur Jr and with that helping us out with the interview. And ofcourse the bands itselves, The Drones and Dinosaur Jr, for their show, their words, their music and everything else they did! Thanks!!

Love, Maurits
Details Written on Friday May 26th, 2006
Writer @Maurits

Tags: #Dinosaur Jr and The Drones