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Sounds of the Underground - The first trek through Europe
After a succesfull edition in the US last year the Sounds Of The Underground Tour visited Europe in 2006. With six bands in the line up it wasn’t much of an ‘underground’ tour but without bigger names a tour like this simply is impossible! The line-up was: Mantiss, All That Remains, Terror, Unearth, Madball and Chimaira. Here we go with 6 hours of hardcore and metal!
After competing in the Battle For Ozzfest last year, Mantiss is visiting Europe for the first time in their life. This results in a reasonable live show but some very funny shit before and afterwards. The guys actually love the ‘containers’ in which the Dutch carry their drugs. ‘It even has got a barcode’ and then the empty ‘container’ ends up empty in his pocket. Back to the show, with standard Metalcore and an energetic band the show was a good one to watch, was it impressive? No, but it was something which can become great in the future. They acted like they were the biggest band out there, while they had to open up. You still have a name to build up, don’t start of by ruining it.

All That Remains
Once again a Metalcore band but actually this one really got potential, with aggressive riffs and a great live show I really enjoyed the show with a beer in my hand. It is a shame that the starting bands only got a half an hour on the stage because I would love to see and hear more of these guys. The new album The Fall of Ideals is hitting stores on July 11th on Prosthetic Records. Check this one out!

And again a band entered the stage that deserved way more than 30 minutes. LA Hardcore formation Terror placed some dynamite in the audience. It was the first band which created a real pit and the interaction between the band and audience was awesome, this band is also releasing a new album this summer and if they aren’t going to be the next big thing in Hardcore, what is? Terror proves that young guys can create something new, refreshing and aggressive within the genre, there are not only big names out there! The show they gave was done which such enthusiasm en devotion there was no other option for the crowd than to join in. Certainely one of the best shows of the day!

After an amazing Terror show it is time for Unearth to hit the stage for a 30 minute set. The last time I saw this band they played the same stage but this time the band did not manage to create a good show with good sound. The last song of the night ‘Black Hearts Will Reign’ is still an awesome song and the crowd reacted good, too bad the sound wasn’t great.

Leaders in Hardcore on stage! Madball is back in Europe! Thanks for creating a show like this! There is always a good interaction with the crowd and the band always enjoys their performance on stage. Of course a lot of the old classics came by and the crowd didn’t seem to get enough of that. They very well realize the status that they have and what they have to do to live up to that. They are able to bring their music with the same devotion as I saw Terror do a bit earlier. They even sang a Spanish marijuana song for their bass player, who forms the core of the band together with the vocalist. After their show they treated the crowd to two encores before leaving the stage. Awesome show!

And then the headliner of the night, Chimaira entered the stage with their former drummer Andols Herrick. The band started with the 10 minute track “Implements Of Destruction” from the previous album where even front man Mark Hunter played his guitar. And to be honest, I have never seen a show of Chimaira which was this good. Every piece of this show was good, the sound, the light, the crowd. And it was obvious the band enjoyed being back in Tilburg. Songs like “Powertrip”, “Pure Hatred” and “Severed” passed the stage but also the new songs like “Nothing Remains”, “Salvation” and “Comatose” were played.
After almost sixty minutes of Metal the first edition of the Sounds Of The Underground tour ends with “Lazarus”. A very nice performance by a very cool and bearded band.
Details Written on Tuesday May 30th, 2006
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Sounds of the Underground