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Fuck The Commerce IX - Zombie Cocktail Massacre Grind!!!
Alright, I've got another great story to tell you. This time I will try to cover the Fuck The Commerce festival. It was quite certain that I wasn’t going to this festival, because nobody else went and I did not have any transportation to Luckau except plane or train. I dislike trains and had no money for the plane, so I was quite frustrated that I wasn’t able to go there. Two days before the festival started, I called a friend of mine in Venlo who could arrange transportation, so it kind of surprised me that eventually I was going after all! Fuck The Commerce is a festival for the underground music in metal world. The earlier editions of this festival brought many 'underground' bands to the festival, but over the years, money began to matter. The bands were a lot more commercial, and sceptics baptized this festival simply to Commerce. I find that a little bit exhilirated, because the bands that are confirmed aren’t that commercial. I would say that Hate Eternal is the most commercial band on the bill for this year, so people who say it’s not true anymore, please fuck off…. The festival was located in Luckau, 80 km’s south of Berlin on the MZA (Mehrzweckanlage) terrain, which is a drag race track with a lot of free space. Not so classy, but well enough for a festival like this. First of all, an overview of all the bands that were scheduled. This schedule wasn’t correct at all, but in overall it isn’t that bad at all.

Mittwoch/Wednesday, 24.05.2006
Manos / Ger (23.30h - 00.30h)
Exterminator / Bel (22.00h - 23.00h)
Infecdead / Ger (21.00h - 21.45h)
Recapture / Ger (20.00h - 20.45h)
Mortal Agony / Ger (19.00h - 19.45h)
Crowd / Ger (18.00h - 18.45h)

Donnerstag/Thursday, 25.05.2006
Extreme Noise Terror / Uk (23.50h - 01.00h)
Deranged / Swe (22.30h - 23.30h)
F.U.B.A.R. / Nl (21.15h - 22.15h)
Desecration / Uk (20.15h - 21.00h)
Accion Mutante / Ger (19.15h - 20.00h)
Pigsty / Cz (18.15h - 19.00h)
Mental Horror / Bra (17.00h - 17.45h)
Ambrossia / Ch (16.00h - 16.45h)
Keitzer / Ger (15.00h - 15.45h)
Gorezone / Ger (14.00h - 14.45h)
Mausoleia / Ger (13.00h - 13.45h)
Defloration / Ger (12.00h - 12.45h)

Freitag/Friday, 26.05.2006
Hate Eternal / Usa (23.50h - 01.00h)
Decapitated / Pl (22.30h - 23.30h)
Gadget / Swe (21.15h - 22.15h)
Prostitute Disfigurement / Nl (20.15h - 21.00h)
Isacaarum / Cz (19.15h - 20.00h)
Korades / Ger (18.15h - 19.00h)
Fleshgore / Ukr (17.00h - 17.45h)
Prejudice / Bel (16.00h - 16.45h)
Embedded / Ger (15.00h - 15.45h)
Sufferage / Ger (14.00h - 14.45h)
Vermin / Nl (13.00h - 13.45h)
Napalm Entchen / Ger (12.00h - 12.45h)

Samstag/Saturday, 27.05.2006
GUT / Ger (23.50h - 01.00h)
Lay Down Rotten / Ger (22.30h - 23.30h)
Totenmond / Ger (21.15h - 22.15h)
Driller Killer / Swe (20.15h - 21.00h)
Grind Inc. / Ger (19.15h - 20.00h)
Le Scrawl / Ger (18.15h - 19.00h)
Demolition / Aut (17.00h - 17.45h)
Dawn of Disease / Ger (16.00h - 16.45h)
Resurrecturis / Ita (15.00h - 15.45h)
The Lucifer Principle / Nl (14.00h - 14.45h)
Mental Amputation / Ger (13.00h - 13.45h)
Cerebric Turmoil / Ger (12.00h - 12.45h)

Thursday 25-05-06:
The story starts on Thursday, the festival started on Wednesday. I was not able to be there any quicker than Thursday, so I missed some bands to start with. Luckily, I was able to see some bands on this evening. The press passes were collected without any difficulties and the beer drinking started and did not end until Sunday night, after my own band rehearsal back in the Netherlands. Man, I was deliberately fucked over this weekend and it will give me some difficulties to review exactly what happened on this festival.

Mental Horror:
We dropped in just in time to see some songs of Mental Horror, an extreme Brazilian band that sounds a lot like Rebaelliun and Krisiun. The tracks were kick ass and the drums were incredibly fast, the speed record was held by this band! I especially liked the really fucked up version of Sepultura’s ‘Arise’ which was played 4 times as fast. Can you imagine that? Well, just try to, Mental Horror did it anyway! The sound was cool too, which added up to the extremity of this show. Yes, I’m glad we saw this band!

The second band I got to see this festival was a Dutch band. I have seen this band perform many times, but this time was actually the first time I saw this band completely wasted on alcohol. Man, it did do something to the music though, because it really pumped me up to headbang my head off. They played several stuff from the split with Matka Teresa and the split with Catheter. Luckily, they played the ‘Hate Campaign 2003’ track from the full length. To be honest, this was the only songtitle I recognised. The rest of the songs sounded familiar, but were nice to listen to nonetheless. Really, this band made me feel good about the rest of the festival.

There was a nice tent covering the main stage area, so people wouldn’t drown anymore. Just like last year, when the weather completely ruined the festival. The organisation of FTC (Bruchstein) thought it wouldn’t be nice for a band like gut to have 3 people watching because it was raining to hard. I recall last year’s show of Dissection at this festival. Dissection was supposed to play for 2 hours, but quit their performance in about 40 minutes, because there were so few people. I must say that the weather this year was optimal for a festival. It was dry and the sun was shining, and overnight it rained somewhat. There was some rain, but I can't say it bothered me.

The next band that was announced on the bill was Deranged, but some dude of the organisation came on the stage telling that Deranged was delayed and would be playing tomorrow, so instead Embedded from Germany would play in their place. I really wanted to see Deranged, because I have to review their new record “Obscenities In B-flat”, but Embedded covered up deliciously. Brutal death metal like Defloration, Debauchery and Devourment. I did not know this band, but I’ll keep an eye out for this. The combination of heavy hasj smoking and drinking cocktails did enhance the good feeling I got about this band. Headbang!

Somewhere on this point, 2 of the people that accompanied me to the festival, went off to their tents and left the 4 of us. Honestly, I thought the music was finished for this evening, so I got my ass over to the cocktail bar and decided to load some Jim Bean/Cola. At that point I heard a lot of noise coming from the main stage and immediately went back. I was almost going to miss fucking Extreme Noise Terror!!!

Extreme Noise Terror:
This band from the UK produce some very heavy crustgrind tingled with brutal death metal. I’m not going to say that I like all their records. Matter of fact is that I find most of their records quite crappy to listen to, except for the record “Being And Nothing”, which is so overproduced that it sounds very extreme. Live, this band can always entertain me and tonight wasn’t any different. I really enjoyed all their tracks and was stunned by their extremely cunning live performance. Imagine 6 lunatics totally freaking out on stage and a crowd that went extremely wild, that is exactly why I like these shows: no ordinary metal can compete with that feeling.

This night’s live music was over, but there was music enough in the cocktail/beer tent. Various metal classics were played and everybody was drunk enough to freak out on every song. Bands, press and fans were drinking together and having fun. I remember myself passing out there and decided it was time to go to my tent and smoke one last joint. That joint never got lit or rolled, halfway towards my tent I fell asleep on the ground, awakened and crawled the rest of the way to my tent… Fuck yeah!

Friday 26-05-06:
The morning was like hell, I felt myself headfucked and had to piss constantly. Luckily, we decided to venture to town for some breakfast/dinner and a decent toilet to shit. We found a place (“Zum Weisen Ross” which means something like To The White Horse), that was totally medievally decorated. Really nice place, the food was delicious and the toilets were clean. We decided to go there the next day as well. After some nice dinner we went back to the MZA and got to watch out first band of that day.

We dropped in halfway during the show and there was some consternation about the name of the band we were seeing. The line up of the festival was completely changed, so nobody had any idea of what they were watching. I noticed a very decently grunting chick on stage and it took us 5 hours before we discovered that this band was Sufferage. I have seen this band back at Obscene Extreme, but I had totally forgotten they had a chick on vocals. Damn, they really kicked ass and it was quite a hilarity when Jasmin announced the song ‘I Hate My Cunt’, from the new album “Raw Meat Experience” Nice show!

This technical death metal band from Belgium have really convinced me of their music a few years ago. I hadn’t seen these guys perform in a long time, but I really liked their new album that came out some years ago. The music sounded really tight this time and it is quite obvious that this band has grown in several ways. I really enjoyed their tracks and stayed for quite a long time. There were enough people headbanging and enjoying the music, so it was a nice show to watch.

Yes! I was really thrilled when I discovered that Fleshgore was performing now. This ultra brutal death metal from the Ukraine is distinct by the extreme vocals, heavy riffs and blasting. The music sounded like a mix between Devourment and Disgorge with those ultimate vocals ( imagine something like: whiieeeewhiieeeuuuuuwhhhhwhiieehhh). The songs sounded like hail from a shotgun and totally dismembered the crowd. Yeah, this really was a heavy band hahaha. Another great show for Fuck The Commerce.

It was time for a break and to be honest, we were getting sick of that disgusting beer they had on the festival. The cocktail bar was the nearest option, so we went over there to drink some unindentifyable alcoholic beverages. This was during the show of Korades, which I did not know and was not interested in. I remember they sounded like a 13 in a dozen death metal band. Because there were enough of those bands on this festival, I wasn’t having any problems to miss this one. I got one quick peek and saw that the crowd enjoyed themselves and the music was quite decent as well. Cocktails were better at that point though. I went off to my tent to call a friend to tell he was an asshole because he was missing an extremely cool festival, but then I heard the next band that began to play. I went over to the tent and saw a bloodsoaked, thin Czech. Yes! Isacaarum!!!

I simply love this band and listen to them quite often. This is the second time I’ve seen them and the best one for me. At Obscene Extreme I was too wasted to watch this band, so I had another chance now. I was treated with some very nice tracks like ‘Cock Control’ ‘Teenage Cunt Powerplay’ and ‘Piss Fighter’. I really enjoyed this band with a beer and watched the entire show. Nicely done!

Prostitute Disfigurement:
Another Dutch band on the German ‘Buhne’ and a brutal band it was! I saw them recently at the No Mercy festival and was impressed by their performance. Tonight, the show wasn’t different and the set list was quite the same. I enjoyed myself greatly again and moshed it up with a lot of Germans. Prostitute Disfigurement had a very active crowd and everybody was enjoying those songs. The vocals are again of the calibre uuuuu urrrruuuu whiieee uuuuuuu uu uu uuuuuuu, so that really cleared my sinusses. FTC is only getting better and better and I’m not even drunk now!

Why wasn’t I drunk? Because I thought it was a good idea to help my intestines recover from the enormous amount of beer from yesterday. It also helped me to listen more careful to the bands that were going to play. I must confess that I did not really hold my own promise and got drunk again! Getting drunk was easy, but it caused me to miss two bands I honestly wanted to see. Gadget and Decapitated. Man, I can hit myself on the head right now. I heard something of Gadget while I was smoking a joint, which was more interesting at that moment, because it was the last decent weed I got. Decapitated, I’m not sure of if they played or not… I remember only that I went back to the tent and saw some extremely ugly dudes enter the stage. I saw a familiar face and when that familiar face played some very kick ass solo’s on his guitar, I knew I was watching Eric Rutan.

Hate Eternal:
This band stands or falls with the sound. I remember a show of Hate Eternal with an extremely nice sound and everything was clear and understandable. I also remember a show where the sound was fucked and the set was completely destroyed. I watched 3 or 4 songs, but the sound wasn’t optimal. I was forced to choose. My options were a cocktail with a joint or watching Hate Eternal with a crappy sound until the end of the show. I really love this band and they sound absolutely marvelous on album, but too bad that live there wasn’t anything left of the music. I really want to see this band with a decent sound another time.
My evening ended as usual, drunk, wasted, rotten and decomposing somewhere in my tent, although this time I managed to undress myself and dozed off to sleep normally, not passing out.

Saturday 27-05-06:
Rise and shine! The last day of the festival with music was about to begin. As usual we went to the restaurant for a good shit and nice food, so our morning was spent in the town of Luckau. The drinking and buying cd’s was hitting my wallet, so I had to get some extra cash because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat on the festival ground. After the necessities we went back to the festival area and were just in time to watch a little glimpse of The Lucifer Principle, but I haven’t seen enough of this band to write anything about it. I decided to open up the first beer of the day and dropped in with Resurrecturis from Italy.

A friend of me made the mistake to read Resurrected, a German death metal band. No problem though, because frankly I don’t care which band is playing. Resurrecturis were sounding extremely cool and had a big mix of Disgorge and Cannibal Corpse like songs. I watched several songs but after some time I became bored and went back to the cocktail area, my favorite hang out!!!!

I introduced myself with the Zombie cocktail, which had several unnamed alcoholic liquors in it. I really don’t recall the taste, something like pineapple, but it really did turn you into a zombie. Zombie or not, I was ready for some more music. I did not know the next band that had to play, but I was tipped off by someone that it really was a nice band.

Dawn Of Disease:
This German band sounded very familiar to me, with several cool influences and a lot of own influences as well. At least I didn’t know what to make of it, but the sound was indeed cool. Another brutal US styled death metal with a nice grunt and several cool riffs. Nothing impressing, but not bad either. Enjoyable.

This really was the band that made me move, but it was too bad that many people left the main stage area to eat, so there were 6 or 7 people headbanging their asses off, including me. The music is a very tightly played combination of thrash metal with nice death metal influences. This band from Austria was totally unknown to me, but it seems they are performing for a long time, so that’s probably why their show was so cool. Don’t ask me any song titles, I don’t know and I don’t care. I just know that I really enjoyed this band and that I afterwards asked the vocalist for an interview, which will be finished soon.

After this band it was time for food and drinks. We were literally puking out the vile tasting crap they sold as beer and it was a real pleasure to drink my own Heineken, that I brought to the festival. The Heineken was finished quite quickly. I now remember that we began drinking Heineken the first thing after we went back from Luckau, before I saw Resurrecturis. There was something going on around the camping area, so we decided to have a look. What we saw were 3 drunk dudes with a toy drum kit and a guitar with a small amp on his back and a toy microphone, playing famous metal covers. The best thing of all was that they sounded really cool as well! I also remember that this band gave me a really hard time sleeping this last night! Anyways, back to the story!

Le Scrawl:
I was totally surprised when I saw that Le Scrawl had to play here. I saw this band once at Obscene Extreme and I really enjoyed that show! A combination of Ska, Jazz and Grindcore in one band. Keys, saxophone, guitar and bass and grunting. This is the weirdest band I ever saw, and I really love that weird music as well. This was a big plus for Fuck The Commerce. I enjoyed myself, while many not-so-open-minded-people were leaving, but the amount that stayed was quite large. The skanking, dancing and grinding Le Scrawl managed a very nice show! The only song that I really remember was ‘World Of Shit’, undescribably for people who haven’t seen this band perform. It’s an art.

Grind Inc.:
Again I was tipped off by one of my companions about the quality of this band. He did not lie, because the show was one of the most brutal shows I ever saw. Moshing, grinding and mincing through a very decent set of songs, this band entertained the crowd marvellously. Fast songs, moshing riffs and a shrieking guitar sound were normal for this band. I have nothing left to write about this band, except that every self respecting extreme music fan should listen to this one!

I was going for a cocktail to mentally prepare myself for some extreme crusting, because Driller Killer was supposed to play. When I heard the first sound, I went back to the main stage area, because I really did not want to miss this band again!

Driller Killer:
Extreme is a word that describes this band best. There are more extreme bands, but this one really kicks ass! Driller Killer play a very fast kind of crust punk with touches to grind and death, but mainly it’s fast pumping punk riffs combined with a voice that can make roadkill come back to life again. The show was very decent and entertaining, so I was forced to headbang again. Drinking more and more and more and finally Driller Killer ended their show. Man, I was completely wasted!

Back to the cocktail area for some hasj and I wasn’t aware that Totenmond had to play in a couple of minutes. When I heard the first sounds, I was still rolling that joint. Finally finished and went for a quick look.

This band has some very nice songs, but they played none of them. Instead, I really was flabbergasted when I heard the songs. I really thought this band sounded completely different than I knew them from their albums. I did not really like what I saw, and after I finished that joint I went back for beer. Damn, perhaps I should listen to it somewhat better, but at the time I wasn’t really liking it. No problem though, I’ll try to visit another show of them without so much other bands, perhaps I will be able to like it then.

The next band was - again - totally unknown to me, but several people were saying that this band was quite fun to watch, so I decided to have a look.

Lay Down Rotten:
Death/Metalcore, that’s the only thing I can think of. I heard some influences from Skinless, Cannibal Corpse and Arkangel. The crowd was certainly loving it, because everybody flew through the air and moshed each other up. Very aggressive music and a very aggressive vocalist, who really swooped the crowd. After a few songs I thought I had enough and was mentally preparing myself for the confrontation with Gut, Germany’s most weird people.

How can I ever describe this band. I simply love the simplistic gore grind that they produce and most important of all: they were the first band to create this kind of music! Many bands followed the lead of Gut, including my own band, because we all really love this band. We thought it impossible to watch this band live once, because they were split up for a long time. Gut have come back with a new studio album called “The Cumback”, which is quite obvious. Gut is back in the circuit and I was going to watch them, finally! The show started with some sound samples and when Bukkake Boy started his vocalising terror, the crowd just went mad. The legends of gore played several classic tracks like ‘Sperminator’, ‘Anal Sushi’ and of course ‘Cripple Bitch’. Those three songs I really expected and I wasn’t disappointed. They also played several new tracks like ‘G.U.T. Forever’, ‘Reign In Bukkake’ and ‘Jenna Haze (You’re A Pro)’. I expected so much of this band, and I got it all! The show was incredible and the sound was monstrous! The bass sounded really dirty with several overdrives and distortions and the pit was immense. The only little annoying thing was that Bukkake Boy really talked too long and whined about getting women on stage. His call was finally heard and Jasmin of Sufferage entered the stage. Some headbanging later it was finished and Gut have really survived all the critics! Goddamnit, this really was the best closing band for this festival. I really had a fucking good time!
The rest of the evening was quite interesting; we got drunk again and after a quick bite of meat we went off drinking once again. After a few drinks, Erik and me decided to smoke a nice weed joint in his car. One joint turned out to be two and around 4 am I went to sleep. The next morning would finalize this extremely cool festival. Total intoxication, extreme amounts of hasj and weed and a lot of extreme blubbering bands! Hopefully, this festival will continue to exist. If so, I’ll try to be present next time!
Details Written on Wednesday May 31st, 2006
Writer @Mat-Core

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