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Obscene Extreme 2006 - Sick Crusty And Semen Go On Gore Assault!
The Obscene Extreme festival of 2006 was about to commence again. This year the festival review will be written by 2 Metalrage reporters: Semen and Mat-Core. The trip to the festival was another story, which will be summarized now. The bus was packed with many grindcore fans from The Netherlands and Belgium, with some extreme exceptions. It wasn’t uncommon to be kept awake by some idiot Belgian dude, who apparently was unable to hold his bladder in the bus, so he pissed the chair in front of him, which was occupied by one of our comrades. The bus company apparently didn’t think it was necessary to send a driver with some knowledge about the road, so we travelled 18 hours, instead of the planned 14. Anyways, there was too much to tell, including the inspiring video we were watching in the bus: Century Sex, which was about the oldest woman in porn, granny gets the dick! Awful! But you had to keep watching, whatever. (M-C)
Yes, well, we did see some hideous things throughout the whole weekend, but the elderly porn on the bus was definitely one of the worst. Or should I say our pig shed on wheels? We did get onto the festival in time, but this was the first time in 3 years we got there after the actual festival was build up. We put up our tents in the tree filled camp site and went looking for the coupon shop and the beer stand. (S)
Let’s continue with the festival review now.
Thursday 13th July 2006
20.00 - ?? - INTRO SHOW - NPLMD, HELL show + more
The OEF 2006 festival was opened by NPLMD. This ‘band’ consists of 2 people making extreme noise. Noise is something not alike with any musical direction, so imagine people banging pots on metal plates, with a distortion wrapped in between. Also a saw with distortion on it was used, which created the same insane noise! After that, the annual O.E.F. piercing act, covered by Quite interesting show this time, lots of people hanging on hooks. What a great way to open up this festival! (M-C)
NPLMD was really bad, which is by fans of Noise acts considered good. It’s not my kind of thing really. I liked the Hell show better. Especially because the video screen from last year has multiplied and the show is filmed with two cameras. You can really see what’s going on now. (S)
Friday 14th July 2006
13.00 - 13.20 ATTACK OF RAGE
13.30 - 13.50 ETERNAL BLEEDING
14.00 - 14.20 WARGORE
14.30 - 14.50 JIG-AI
15.00 - 15.20 SMASHED FACE
15.30 - 15.55 D.H.I.B.A.C.
16.05 - 16.30 LAMA TEMATICA
16.40 - 17.05 WORLD DOWNFALL
17.15 - 17.45 NAILED
18.40 - 19.10 N.C.C.
19.20 - 19.50 SPLITTER
20.00 - 20.30 WASTEFORM
21.25 - 22.05 SINISTER
22.15 - 23.10 CRIPPLE BASTARDS
23.20 - 00.05 DEAD INFECTION
00.15 - 00.50 SQUASH BOWELS
02.10 - 02.30 SAYWHY?
Attack Of Rage:
This band had the honour of opening up the first day filled with many noisy bands. The music sounded quite alright, although I cannot remember much of this band. I also caught a cold on Thursday, probably by the airco systems on the coach. Drinking a beer and watching this band from the benches, they made quite a good impression on me. (M-C)
Eternal Bleeding:
The next band slipped both my and Semen’s mind, Eternal Bleeding. I cannot say what kind of music this was, but I suppose it was some death metal, that didn’t sound interesting enough to get a hold on. I vaguely recall going to the city of Trutnov at this time, because we had to load up on some Czech currency. This caused that we missed Wargore and Jig-Ai, which I regretted later. (M-C)
Smashed Face:
This is the second band that I recall. They played some in your face straight Grind Core with some crusty influences. This year festival’s bill was loaded with crust/punk, which I enjoyed quite a lot. Not every band did appeal to me, and Smashed Face was one of them. (M-C)
French Grind Core/ Power violence. Fast, faster, insanely fast is their motto. Really a lot of these bands on this year’s OEF. Pretty cool, but it all sounds the same after a while. Lots of high screams and hardcore vocals. Really cool seeing two singers unable to stand still on the stage for a minute. Really active band: looks very aggressive. (S)
Lama Tematica:
Next on the bill was some crazy freaked out shit from Italy. With some crappy dudes that made a really nice combination of crust/grind that made me go loose. They were on the search for weed, and I never knew if they actually found it. Freaked up, but nonetheless extremely cool to watch! (M-C)
Negligant Collatoral Collapse, playing a home game here in the Czech Republic. The Nasa Grinders have a great new album titled Sick Atoms. Most of the songs they play today are of this album, but some oldies are blasted into the crowd as well. On records their drummer uses electronic drums, but on stage he uses regular drums. Nevertheless N.C.C. still sounds tight as hell. Brutal performance! (S)
They must have really loved playing OEF in 2004, because New York’s Wasteform is back to waste us again! Their Death Grind stands like a brick wall. Real mosh pit music! Greg (vocals) still looks like he’s just eaten half of the backstage crew, which makes him pretty impressive. Good sound, good show. The sound is very good throughout most of the festival, pretty much like every year actually. (S)
Internal Suffering:
This band simply rules! Faster and a lot more brutal than most Grind Core bands. These Colombian Death Metal speed maniacs blow away every stinking crusty and metal head on this festival. This is what I call extreme music! Unbelievably fast and tight, these guys really know how to put up a great show. (S)
Once again revived, this Dutch Death Metal legends play like never before. Aad -who exchanged his drums for the microphone- and friends show they’ve only gotten more brutal over the years. Of course some great old songs are played like Cross the Styx and Reborn from Hatred and the crowd simply goes berserk. (S)
Cripple Bastards:
Italy’s weirdest band is back on OEF attacking us with their rocking freak Grind. Nervously changing riffs and tempo Cripple Bastards go totally insane on stage, as does the crowd. For me, this show is one big haze of moshing, drinking and banging my head! Holy hell, this is one of the best bands this year! I had seen them before, but they keep getting better every time. (S)
Dead Infection:
Yes!! Poland’s grandfathers of Grind Core are still doing it! Blasting and grinding the crowd with their simple, recognizable style of Gore this band knows how to make people move! Singer Jaro’s vocal chords seem to be getting a bit worn out, but he still squeals, shrieks and growls like his life depends on it! (S)
Squash Bowels:
Yesss!! Even more old school Polish Gore Grind! Squash Bowels in da house: get your intestines out, everyone! Although Squash Bowels are not the most interesting band to look at (they just stand there like wax statues with instruments) they do put up a great sound and play loud as fuck! Too bad they don’t use vocal effects as often as they used to, but still: this RULES! (S)
Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay:
Remember the days you only needed one simple word as a name for your band? Like Grave, or Death or even Mayhem? Well, Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay obviously wanted a bit more. Just like their music really, which is nothing like the bands mentioned above. Grind is what I want and GRIND is what I get!! Perhaps Czech Republic’s most brutal, extreme and insane band ever. Tobi (one of the singers, also singer for Pigsty) has just about the most extreme, non-vocal effect, high-pitched pig grunts ever. MFAGCOQD’s music is both obscene and extreme, which is probably why they perfectly fit this on festival (again.) That and the fact they live like around the corner ;) (S)
Unfortunately, after a really long day of Death Metal, Grind Core, lots of beer and a nice warm sun on my head I just couldn’t go on for the last two bands. I did hear a couple of  Pretty Little Flower’s songs from outside my tent, but I just couldn’t get myself to walk to the stage. So I slept right through Say Why?
All in all, the first day of live music was great. The people very are nice, although a bit weird. But that’s the great thing about this festival really: you can do whatever the fuck you want! Lots of guys who like to drop their pants for no reason or wear thongs on their heads. I often ask myself why they do it, but then again, nobody really minds. People just laugh and mind their own business. Good thing the weather was good this year, 'cause last year we had to wear garbage disposal bags and got mud up to our crotches. (S)
Yeah, I can remember those idiotic garbage disposal bags cut out to fit us, protecting us from the rain. Really felt like a bum then, but what the heck, nothing has changed! Still the same wacko’s, weirdo’s and strange dudes and girls that all party like animals! Hell fucking yeah, This first day, despite my cold, was simply great! (M-C)
Saturday 15th July 2006

10.00 - 10.20 SPASM
10.30 - 10.50 BUFO
11.00 - 11.20 BOLESNO GRINJE
11.30 - 11.50 SEPTYCAL GORGE
12.30 - 12.50 TEARS OF DECAY
13.00 - 13.25 ACROHOLIA
13.35 - 14.00 PUTREFIED
14.10 - 14.35 SICKBACK
14.45 - 15.10 EPITOME
15.20 - 15.45 TOXIC BONKERS
15.55 - 16.20 MUMAKIL
17.05 - 17.30 FROMTHEASHES
17.40 - 18.05 PISSCHRIST
18.15 - 18.40 F.U.B.A.R.
18.50 - 19.20 FLESHLESS
19.30 - 20.00 MASSGRAV
20.10 - 20.45 DRILLER KILLER
20.55 - 21.35 SKITSYSTEM
21.50 - 22.40 GUT
23.00 - 00.00 DISMEMBER
00.10 - 00.45 BLOCKHEADS
00.55 - 01.20 BATHTUB SHITTER
01.30 - 01.55 NASHGUL
02.05 - 02.30 DEFEATED SANITY
02.40 - 03.00 UPRISE
The next day of bands was very interesting, but too bad I was getting sicker and sicker by the cold I caught. This means I missed a shitload of bands, which I really wanted to see. The lucky thing is that Semen watched several bands that I missed, and I saw some he missed, so our report is quite complete. I must confess that I drank and smoked way less than previous years. I fucking hate getting sick on a festival! (M-C)
The day started out with Spasm, a quite sick gore grind band. Unfortunately, this band had to perform quite early in the morning. The reason I saw this band was because I was unable to sleep for the whole night. I really liked the crazed gore grind of this band, but the audience was quite relaxed. This was probably related to the time of the day, haha (M-C)
I remember seeing this band, but I cannot really recall what music it was. I recall vaguely that this band is from Finland, and play a very decent Nasum-ish grindcore. Yeah, the perfect musical ingesture for the morning. It surely kicked some people out of their beds! This band was totally unknown to me, but I will try looking for this sometime. (M-C)
Bolesno Grinje:
Yeah, a band from my partial homeland Croatia. Of course I had to see that! Sick, fucked up grindcore, that was quite hard to follow, because the sound wasn’t superb. I got the idea though, and I really liked it, except that I was starting to feel more miserable. Well, about the name Bolesno Grinje, it means something like Sick Maggots. I listened this shit up on their MySpace and found it very appealing! (M-C)
Septycal Gorge:
Another crazy band from Italy was presented. Sick, Suffocation-like death metal with some grindish influences. Nothing bad, except the sound was quite poor again, but no problem for these Italians though. Amusable, but nothing really special though. (M-C)
Sylvester Staline:
This crust/grind band from Belgium was quite appealing, with the crazed out hyperspeed music that annihilated the audience. I don’t know what else to write about this band, because I’m not too familiar with them. The stage performance was hyper and really pumping up the crowd, but too me, it became a little bit boring after some songs. (M-C)
Tears Of Decay:
I remember once listening to a record from a band that I didn’t know. I liked the ultra low-vibrating death metal on it but never knew which band it was. After a year, I found out it was Tears Of Decay, and I planned to watch them sometime. Well, this was the time and place and Tears Of Decay tried to bring their death metal, but I don’t know what was up with the sound this day, because none of it stood. Well, they played some familiar songs (I recognized Deputy Of God) and it was nice enough to headbang along. (M-C)
I was feeling even more fucked up now, so I decided to go to my tent for a quick rest, but it turned out that I missed 4 bands after I woke up. These bands were Acroholia, Putrified, Sickbag and Epitome. (M-C)
At the time I had no idea as where Mat-core was, and actually I don’t even know where I was during Acroholia, so I can’t tell you how it was. Luckily I did see 2 of the other 3 bands. During Epitome I was looking for some diner, which took a while, so I missed it. (S)
Always nice to see some bands from our own little country on the bill. Putrfied play technical, a bit melodic Death Metal and they do it rather well. Great guitar solo’s and nice hooks, but still very brutal. Gargling guttural vocals to complete it. It’s nice to hear a bit more variety, after lots of bands who just play brutal and fast. But then again: that’s what we’re here for. Very good show indeed (S)
French Grind Core, mixed with Death Metal, Hardcore and Sludge. This band put on a really powerful performance. I watched them from quite a distance as I was sitting on a hill with some Dutch and Belgian friends, trying to hit people downhill with the stuff laying around. I know it sounds really dumb, but it was fun. Especially when someone got hit; the whole group would shout and laugh at them. Luckily you can see and hear the stage very well from this hill, so I didn’t have to miss any songs of this crushing band. (S)
Toxic Bonkers:
I recall seeing this band because of the weird and funny name. This band from Poland played a mid tempo styled grindcore, with several touches to punk, hardcore and groovy death metal. I liked the combination and partied along. The best thing about Obscene Extreme is that you see a lot of bands that are quite unknown here in the Netherlands. Every year I have discovered an awfully broad spectrum of bands here on OEF, and that’s the very reason I like this festival so much. (M-C)
Again I had to crawl back to my tent, because I was feeling quite sick again. I sincerely hope that next year I will be able to party along, like the previous years. I don’t know why, but I tend to catch a cold quite easy on and just before big festivals. I still blame it on the airconditioning system of the coach! This again caused me to miss some bands, but luckily Semen was able to watch them and tell me that I missed some very cool bands! Shit! (M-C)
The next band I saw was Pisschrist from Australia, with, what I think, a Japanese vocalist. Again a band that I wanted to see purely because of the name. I couldn’t know that this band was about to blow off the roof of the stage! Ultra violent crust/punk with some extreme slides to grindcore was the musical direction of this band. Man, I was blown away by the appearance of this band, along with many others. The moshpit was hellish and perfect for the extreme music spirit. Keep this shit alive! (M-C)
This is probably the band that I have seen most of all bands that I ever witnessed. I think this F.U.B.A.R. gig was the 9th or 10th time I saw them. Even more than Rompeprop! Unlike on the Fuck The Commerce festival, F.U.B.A.R. had a crappy sound and sounded like real crap too. I enjoyed it, but I have seen better. This didn’t hold me to give Luc (their vocalist) my last weed. That’s what weed’s for man, share it! (M-C)
The next band on the bill was Fleshless but too bad we got the message that their vocalist had to leave the festival because his wife was in hospital. This cancelled the gig, and a quite long pause for obtaining food was given. I recall shopping on the metal/core market and bought some cool T-shirts and quite some albums, including the new Last Days Of Humanity record! Yeah! (M-C)
I also bought Putrefaction in Progress, the new Last Days Of Humanity record. Mat-core and I actually bought the last two copy’s on the festival! Sold out in 2 days! And for a good reason too. Check out the review on Metalrage. (S)
Driller Killer:
The next band I remember seeing was Driller Killer from Sweden. I also watched this band on the Fuck The Commerce festival, and was quite surprised then. I remember getting crazy there with some Germans, drinking beer and partying along with the crust/punk music. Now, on OEF, they were a but sloppy, but I think that was again related to the sound. No fears though, because many people still enjoyed it! (M-C)
This is one of the ‘more popular’ underground bands that released an awefully lot of 7-inches and EP’s. This band tends to bring out all their music on vinyl, which is of course great, except for the fact that I do not own a record player. I never heard this before, but they really went crazy on stage and a lot of true fans who knew all these songs by heart. It was sure fun to watch all these people getting totally freaked out. Yeah, very nice band, but too bad it was not really the music I was waiting for. Next in line was Gut! (M-C)
Mat-core did the review for Fuck the Commerce fest 2006, so he had already seen Gut there. Time for me to see the Grandfathers of groovy Gore at work! Being one of the most overrated bands ever, they’ve grown enormous egos. Acting like a bunch of Hip Hop whiggers, trying to make the crowd scream G. U. T. and talking a giant load of nonsense during the show. Since most of their songs clock under two minutes, I think they talk more bull than actually play! They try to get some girls on the stage for a dildo chocking competition, without many results really. Oldies like Anal Sushi and Cripple Bitch or new songs like Jenna Hayes (you’re a pro) sound good, but the show is too slow to be really exciting. Just about everyone in the crowd was disappointed by this gig, which should have been one of the highlights of the festival. (S)
I remember that Semen and I were desperately needing for some rest, so we decided to sit backstage and drink some beers and smoke our last weed I think. This during Dismember, which sounded very nice. I recall that they played one of my favourite new songs called ‘Where Ironcrosses Grow’ After a while we both were quite tired and me still feeling quite miserable, so I decided to go to my tent and leave it be. (M-C)
This really was a stupid plan, because this caused me missing some bands I really wanted to see, including Bathtub Shitter, Nashgul and Blockheads. I was again unable to sleep, so I heard every band perform, but not good enough to write something about it. Except for the last band of the festival, because I really did not want to miss this. (M-C)
For me the festival ended after Dismember. A giant head ache and pure exhaustion made me crawl back into my tent where I felt into a coma until the next morning. I really hated myself the next day for missing Japanese Grind Freaks Bathtub Shitter and French Blockheads, because I love those bands. I’ll try to take it easy next year, so I can see everything. (S)
First of all, the very cool techno/gore/grind band Ahumado Granujo is no more. They quitted this band and started a new project called Uprise. I decided to buy an album and this was probably the best discovery I made this year. Ultra fast grinding and blasting was the new recipe for them. No more groovy gore grind, but extreme fast in your face grindcore. They played their album including the song ‘Marches Of Waste’ which is a real killer blast. Everybody into sick, fast and exhuming grindcore should listen to this band. (M-C)
Once again the Czech Obscene Extreme festival was a great one. Beautiful weather, great bands, cheap beer and lots of crazy people. I can’t wait to go there again next year. (S)
Crazy people everywhere, blasting hoempa hoempa, kgraaaaaa, rmmrrmmmrrrmmrrr bluurrrrr music and a superb atmosphere where everybody can do whatever he wants. Owh man, I was stunned again. Too bad I caught this cold and hope I can watch more next year! (M-C)
Details Written on Saturday Sep 9th, 2006
Writer @Mat-Core

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