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Dew Scented + Katafalk + Blo-Torch - 013 - Tilburg
[b]It was a fine day for some heavy slayerian Thrash music. Dew-Scented was in town, and with their new album Impact they have reached quite a level of heaviness. Now it�s time to see if they can produce the same heavy sound as on the albums. [/b] [b]Blo-Torch:[/b] The first band who had to play was Blo-Torch. For an opening band they didn�t play bad and the songs were hard and brutal. However, it became a little boring because after 4 songs you couldn�t find any differences in the tracks. Originality wasn�t something I found back in this band and show but the music was adequate. As for the early hour, most people didn�t react to the music and just stood there trying to keep awake with a beer. [b]Katafalk:[/b] [img][/img] This rapidly growing band from the Netherlands has had some line up changes as usual. Old bass player Jurjen was back and vocalist Wokkel was grunting his guts out again. Katafalk played a heavy set with hyperfast songs like Succubus, Redeemer and Baptized In Fire. In the contrary of Blo-Torch, who didn�t get much response from the audience, Katafalk was luckier. With 3 people headbanging their arses off Katafalk had at least some response. Not that they didn�t play bad, but it was just too early and it was Sunday. I enjoyed the fast played set and every time I see Katafalk play, they seem to play better and better again. [b]Dew-Scented:[/b] After some waiting, they finally began their set. It was opened brutally with Bitter Conflict, the first song of the Inwards album. Fat Slaytanic Thrash Metal, that�s precisely the way to describe Dew-Scented. With their high technical level of play not just a wannabe clone, but a stable and good band that knows how to handle their instruments. Although Dew-Scented have brought out their new album Impact earlier this month, they played only 2 songs from that album. The bulk of material was from the Inwards album, what didn�t mind me. Songs like Life Ending Path, Reprisal, Inwards and Unconditional were played hard and brutal. From the Impact album they played the great song Cities Of The Dead and as the dessert of the set they played Acts Of Rage, the opening track of Impact. The band left the stage, but returned for an encore. And what!!! Dew-Scented played War Ensemble by the mighty Slayer and covered it pretty well. With a great set and 50 minutes of Thrash metal later they were out of chords and left the stage, after a well-earned applause. Great band! Picture Of Katafalk by Erwin Meier
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Dew Scented + Katafalk + Blo-Torch