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Power Fest - One Hot Summer Day of Mosh Music
Since our colleague Spoerie decided not to stay in contact with any of us, I'll just put up my part of the review for the Power Fest earlier this year. My apologies towards the organization and the bands that played there for this unprofessional behaviour, but this situation is beyond our control. Better late then never one could say. The reason that I saw so little here is because of three things. I visited the Wâldrock Festival the day before, it was still fucking hot outside, so even warmer inside, and Lenzig from Cephalic Carnage rolled a joint before I even had a ticket that literally killed me for a couple of hours.

Johnny Truant
The first act I witnessed was Johnny Truant, a mathcore act from Great Britain that are rapidly drawing more and more attention. So I decided to check it out. And to be honest I was quite disappointed. It wasn’t nearly as extreme as I hoped it would be, and besides a very humoristic crowd address by the vocalist I was soon bored as hell. Considering that it was like 50 degrees in there and it didn’t seem like it was gonna catch fire any time soon I decided to leave for some refreshing beer in a colder environment.
I had no idea what to expect of this show, or whoever were on stage here exactly, but it sure as hell blasted! Old-skool hardcore legends Cro-Mags sounded like they had never even been away. This came as a big surprise because most old-skool stuff usually gets boring to me quite fast, but this stayed interesting throughout the show. All songs were played with enthusiasm and at a very loud volume. The only stupid thing was that the vocalist kept doing this really idiotic dance which made me scratch my head a bit. Nevertheless a very good show by a legendary band.
Cephalic Carnage
Finally, the one reason I came to this festival in the first place. Probably the most eccentric band on this entire festival, and the most brutal. And lets not forget the most stoned band on the planet. It had been too long since I was treated to a dose of math/grindcore that raises the hair in the back of my neck. This was also the first time I got to see them with their new bass player and let me tell you, for a sober guy he surely rocked like hell. He played all those fucked up tracks with ease. Just too bad that they haven’t taught him that many songs yet, so the set they played was rather short.
The set was of course a mixture of tracks of all albums, in which tracks like ‘Lucid Interval’, ‘Wraith’, ‘The Will Or The Way’ and the almighty satanic ‘Black Metal Sabbath’ could not be left out. I even received the evil black metal mask of vocalist Lenzig after the show was over. And then I held a very stoned interview with him, which you can already read on our website. Cephalic Carnage again proved to me that they’re still very much alive and smoking, even with a new bassist. I hope to see them soon again with a longer set, and perhaps even some new songs.
Details Written on Monday Nov 13th, 2006
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Power Fest