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Sanatorium, Chainsaw Surgery - Death/Grind/Gore at the Little Devil
Since I’m a concert-junkie, I go to a lot of rock and metal shows after just hearing one or two tracks of a certain band. I see a lot I don’t know, so I get pleasantly surprised a lot. This evening was grindcore and goregrind orientated, so that means a whole lot of noise!
The first band up was Chainsaw Surgery, a relatively new Dutch goregrind band. And for a young band, it wasn’t bad at all. They packed a nice groove and threw out some of the most disgusting noise known to man. With a vocalist that really reaches the depths of his intestines and a band that’s faster than a Concorde jet they left the audience with a good impression. Watch out for their upcoming full-length album on Redrum Records next year.
So, I was forsaken by everybody of whom I knew they would be here. But I ran into a big Metalrage fan named k.o3.n here as a member, who recognized me as DemonDust (oh yeah I’m famous). Fortunately he and his friends were smokers too, so we went to enlighten our minds a bit. This took us quite some time, so we missed the entire show of Sepiroth. I checked out some of their songs before the show and I wasn’t impressed, so I didn’t really care.
Slovakia’s Sanatorium came to do quite some shows in our country, so I had to check at least one of them. This night they proved to be one hell of a destructive force. The blubber they produced is one of the nastiest in it’s kind. Uber-brutal goregrind that packs a lot of groove, but also experiments in rhythm and unusual passages. They managed to keep my interest throughout the show, and luckily I could watch it until the end (the first band had some drum-trigger problems so the show started way later than planned), the last track of course being ‘Oral Fistfuck’. But one of the most impressing things about Sanatorium was their vocalist. This guy had the ultra guttural gore-sound, the harsh straight forward grindcore screams, and the brutal death metal grunt. He managed to create so much variation with his voice, that combined with the grooving and original band it was a real treat for the ears and eyes. I just don’t understand why there’s no label really promoting their shit, because it’s fucking awesome! I hope so see them on some more death metal and grindcore festivals soon.