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Field - A Perfect Graduation
I actually have no idea what the point is of posting a review of Field on a metal website, but I was so impressed by these guys that I felt they deserved the effort. And who knows, someone might read it! This is actually the band of one of my roommates, and they had to play right around the corner of where we live, so it was a pretty good move to go and check them out I soon discovered.
This show was also the graduation of guitarist Ingmar Spaaij, so there certainly was a lot of pressure on this person, but he handled it quite well throughout the show. The music Field makes is singer-songwriter material, but, as they state on their website, with an own twist. What you get is a band in which the key words are subtlety, sweetness and calmness, yet the music they make can be very intense, especially on an emotional platform. The band offers a lot of variety, from minimal gentile passages to subtle rock parts.
The band consists of people who all study/studied at the school of music; a bassist, a drummer, a guitarist who also plays that laying-down guitar thing of which I always forget the name and my roommate, who sings and plays guitar. Now I know that some of his main influences are Pearl Jam and Radiohead, and this can be heard in the music as well. Tonight we were also honoured with the presence of a person behind keys, to add some more dimension to the songs.
I must say that the performance flew by in an instance. The sound of the graduating guitarist was very warm and comfortable to listen to, and I was amazed by my roommate’s voice that really came forward over the music excellently. So if you’re into subtle singer/songwriter band stuff which is very relaxing, try this stuff. It’s a formidable band and if it ever gets of the ground, suckers like Racoon should watch their step!
Details Written on Wednesday Dec 27th, 2006
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Field