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The Burial Chamber Trio, The Die! Die! Die! - Subsonic sounds
Since I heard that The Burial Chamber Trio was coming to Europe, I couldn’t wait to go. Four shows is the plan, of which two are in Holland, and of course I’ll visit both of them. In a crowded Batcave, a legendary threesome was about to make the venue tremble on its foundation.
The opening act was The Die! Die! Die! Quite a catchy name if I do say so myself. It's a one-man industrial-noise project, performed by a barefooted tubby man dressed in a bathrobe and underwear with a demon mask on. He had a shopping cart filled with all kinds of electronics, which was attached to microphones, a steel wire and a steel plate I think, and his cell phone. Interesting collection of instruments indeed. He emitted subsonic distorted sounds with this stuff while conveying noise through his microphones. Another metal plate was used for rubbing on his body, and even inside his underpants. Nice. He also hit one of those plates with a hammer, thus creating more evil sounds. After about fifteen minutes he threw his microphones in the cart and left. Very interesting, very extreme.
And then the moment which caused the Batcave to be crowded as hell; The Burial Chamber Trio. This trio consists of Greg Anderson (Sunn 0))), Goatsnake, Burning Witch and more) on bass, Attila Cshisar (Mayhem) on vocals and Oren Ambarchi on guitar and electronics who also has quite some noise and ambient projects and whom also does quite some work with Sunn 0))). A collection of underground legends and cult heroes indeed. The stage was filled with smoke as usual, but the robes were still at home. They started of with a spacey intro with lower tones coming from Greg and higher tones and electronics coming from Oren, whom has sawed his guitar in half by the way. He plays a right-handed guitar left-handed, like one Jimmy Hendrix used to do. The part under his thinnest string is completely sawed off.
After ten minutes or so of this, Attila entered the stage dressed in a bag, with paint on his face and a blond wig on his head. Just one arm came out of the bag to hold his microphone. He immediately commenced his evil whispering and painful moaning to give The Burial Chamber Trio it’s true sound, which from that moment on only got better. Some time later we went to lower tones, and everything in my body was trembling as a motherfucker. Luckily we went lower once again a little later in the set, which makes it obvious that this music truly is a drug. I already was stoned and drunk, and this made it like ten times worse. I had shivers down my spine at least five times during the show. I can hardly imagine a better noise act other than this (and Sunn 0))) of course) and I can’t wait to go see it again. Bow down to the drone!!!