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Eagle*Seagull, Solaire - Happy birthday on stage!
Eagle*Seagull is an indie rock band from Nebraska, which played at Paradiso and Vera already on their tour, and now they came to visit the little venue I work at in Venlo. This band also performed at the Dour Festival last year (actually just their violin player and singer were there) but I didn’t see them then, so I felt this was a good opportunity to still go and see them.
The support this evening came from Solaire, a band from Rotterdam that really surprised me. They sounded quite a lot like the last record of Cult Of Luna, which combines postcore with indierock. Which means quite slow riffs which, if played faster, make for some catchy tunes we all know from the radio. Perhaps I should just call this genre postindie or something. If there’s postrock and postcore, why not postindie then. So there were a lot of instrumental passages and heavy eruptions, very few vocals and intense song structures. Personally I liked this band a whole lot better than what was yet to come, but that’s a matter of taste.
It was the birthday of the singer of Eagle*Seagull, so this guy was probably partying hard already before he entered the stage. While performing he probably drank an entire bottle of red wine, awesome! The band is comprised of quite a lot of people; a bassist, drummer, two guitarists, keyboardist, vocalist/keyboardist and a very good looking female violin player. I must admit that I didn’t watch the entire set, because it didn’t take me too long to become very irritated by the happy tunes that kept re-occurring in every song. I know that’s one of the trademarks of indie, but it’s not always as happy happy joy joy as I felt with these guys. The songs are good, I could tell that, but it’s just not my cup of tea. The band itself performed quite well and the sound was pretty good, so for the people that came out to see these guys it must have been a good evening. We did play some table soccer with the band afterwards, which was fun.
Details Written on Monday Feb 5th, 2007
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Eagle*Seagull #Solaire