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Metal Battle 2007 - Qualifying round province Gelderland

In Arnhem four bands played against each other for the Metal Battle 2007 pre-selection round in the province Gelderland. There was no entry fee which resulted in a packed Goudvishal with a lot of pennyless metalheads who finally saw their chance to see some metalbands again. Next to these poor dudes there were also some younger folks and some parents and even grandparents to support their beloved childeren or grandchildren who had to play this evening.

Assigned by lot, Intero from Nijmegen had to commence the battle. They play some kind of fusion metal/hardcore which is not really my cup of tea, but because of the brutal in-your-face presentation by Intero's singer Ralluf it was once again quite fun to see these guys live. Also, this was the only core-influenced band to appear on stage tonight, so those who wanted to mosh had to do it now, and they did.

Up next where the youngsters of Oblivian Nightmare who are into a scene I prefer much more: death metal. Symphonic death metal to be more precise, cause the guy standing behind 'something' covered with black carpet was playing keyboards! His tunes couldn't be heard in the beginning because of the messy noise. Later in the show the sound became a little better and during the slower parts of their set you could incidentally hear some melodic sounds. This band from Tiel couldn't be the winner of tonight, but I did like the brutallity I perceived.

The third band was The Lucifer Principle, the reason why I actually was here. You've got to support the bands that come from your hometown right! So Apeldoorn was present. As soon as TLP begun their set, people created a moshpit that wasn't about to slow down during the show. This pit even transformed into a big circlepit around a concrete pile by the frontman's command. From start to finish these death metallers gave away a tight performance, including a pleasant stage-presentation which was of course very important in this contest. The jury must have been overwhelmed.

Wageningen's Skeletor had the honor to end the battle. I couldn't imagine that they were about to overrule The Lucifer Principle, but of course I gave them a fair chance. Unfortunately after two or three songs my presumption seemed to be true; the quality of the sound was good, but the show was not that stunning. Till this gig suddenly came to a turning-point! Skeletor accelerated and their death-thrash metal became more aggressive which resulted in a moshpit and a smile on my face. From a simple metalact to a terrific liveband!

After all this vehemence and a lot of beers I thought it was best to catch my bus and go home, so I had to miss a perfomance from Am Tuat, who didn't participate in the battle, but gained themself some playtime so the jury had more time to discuss their views. The day after I got told that The Lucifer Principle were the fortunate winners of the Metal Battle, closely followed by Skeletor. They now move on to the second round in a yet unannounced venue.

Details Written on Monday Feb 5th, 2007
Writer @Mindsaver

Tags: #Metal Battle 2007