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Summer Darkness Winter Editition - Feindflug, Tyske Ludder, Supreme Court
Friday the ninth of February the Wintergewitter Tour 2007 landed in the Tivoli in Utrecht. It was decided to call it the Summer Darkness Winter Edition, although contrary to the festival it was just one evening on one location. Musically it did correspond well with the Summer Darkness concept. Arcane and Sledgehammer got to experience three nice EBM/dark electro/industrial acts from Germany, with one hell of a headliner!
For some unclear reason the running of the bands was changed at the last moment so Cyborg Attack opened this night. A lot of fans must have missed their show because of this. So did we unfortunately; when we entered the venue Supreme Court was already playing their set of danceable EBM/Dark Electro. Two live synthesizers were the basis over which the front man grumbled his dark hypnotic lyrics. On the background we saw some nice parts of the great movie American Psycho and even some guts were being pulled out, lovely. Supreme Court set the tone for greater things to come. (Sledgehammer)
After a very short break (especially if you compare it with a metal festival), Tyske Ludder went on stage. Like Supreme Court, Tyske Ludder consists of 3 members. But the musicians have a different approach. Supreme Court uses synths and keyboards as main instruments, but Tyske Ludder concentrates on electronic percussion and the electronics were programmed. But I doubt whether everything was played live, I never heard a mistake, and the beats were too tight. Nonetheless it was quite a nice show. The music was heavier and more danceable in my opinion. Their act was strong and very energetic and fitted well to the themes of their songs, war. (Arcane)
And war was also what we got with Feindflug, to the second power that was! Arcane and I were already getting very thrilled when they built up their enormous set. At either sides of the stage a percussionist took place behind a giant bass drum, supported by an industrial looking construction. In the background an awesome cannon was built up and there even was an electric chair! During the entire set there was a guy walking around with a single tom, but you could spot him a few times because he totally drowned in this display of power. The cannon with light effects was only used during the spectacular opening of the show, where after the aggressive drums took over. Although there also was a guy doing some electronics you could clearly hear that the drums were live because they had quite a natural sound and feeling. Also the front man had his own little drum kit, who was dressed in a stylish uniform and a guitar player added some razor sharp riffing to the whole. On the background we saw horrible pictures of wars and massacres, all this contributed greatly to give the awesome, marching electro industrial an extra sinister vibe. Feindflug doesn’t propagate any philosophy but just functions as a mirror which was emphasized many times by the sentence “Use your brain and think about it.”, displayed at the background. Both musically and optically they put up a stunning show, the night was ended with the electrocution which we longed so much for and the front man of Supreme Court came on stage to sing the song ‘We’ll fuck you up’. Well, they definitely succeeded! (Sledgehammer)
Details Written on Sunday Feb 18th, 2007
Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah

Tags: #Summer Darkness Winter Editition