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Sepultura, Betzefer, Forever Will Burn - In Excellent Condition
These days Sepultura plays a lot in smaller venues, as they did on the fifteenth of March in Het Burgerweehuis in Deventer. Mindsaver, Carn, Buzzin Hornet and Sledgehammer Messiah travelled to the cosy venue to witness an intense and intimate show.

Forever Will Burn from South Africa had the honour to open up tonight. I expected a black band like God Forbid, but these guys were all white. In fact, they looked like Danish dudes. Anyways, they had half an hour to get the audience warmed up, but they miserablyy failed. Forever Will Burn’s frontman Louis Henn presented their metalcore with a lot of energy but the tunes that were played were too simple and too boring to hear out, and so I wondered why these guys came over all the way from South Africa. Of course it’s a great opportunity for them to go on tour with Sepultura, but the organizer would’ve been wiser if he added some local acts as support. Any band could perform on a higher level than Forever Will Burn. (Mindsaver)

Israeli metalheads Betzefer were back in Holland. This time the guys managed to support their own heroes of Sepultura and this night they played one hell of a show. Besides 'Fuckin' Rock 'n' Roll', 'Down Low' and other songs of their Roadrunner debut album Down Low the band also played a couple of new songs including 'Dooms Day'. Betzefer was receiving a great respons this evening and even got the audience to sing along on 'Dooms Day'. The guys played one hell of a tight show once again and proved to be a solid part of the Roadrunner family. Hopefully they will enter the studio soon to record another effort. (Buzzin Hornet)

Sepultura opened predictable with ‘Dark Wood of Error’ from Dante XXI, where after they surprised us with playing 'Refuse/Resist' already as the second song. Of course this got the mood going, but the mood was actually already very good from the first song, because by the activity in the pit one could tell that the crowd would agree with me that Dante XXI is a very strong record, actually the best of the Derrick Green-era until now. So no one was complaining that they played a major part of the songs of Dante XXI, but in a song like ‘False’ a second guitar was definitely missed as a strong base for Andreas’ typical Sepultura solos. Too bad that Derrick Green didn’t pick up a guitar on not even one song, as he did the previous time on ‘Troops of Doom’. The missing of a second guitar isn’t too disturbing with Sepultura however, because the force and pleasure with which the guys play definitely makes up for it. Also the new drummer, Jean Dolabella, played really powerful and convincing, although it isn’t as great as seeing Igor Cavelera, or Roy Mayorga at the previous tour, doing their thing. With ‘Arise’ , the main part of the show was finished and of course ‘Roots Bloody Roots’ was the finisher of the encore. Sepultura proved tonight once again that it can easily do without Caveleras, they are in an excellent form nowadays! (Sledgehammer Messiah)