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The Bosshoss - German French American Popsongs
What's weirder than a German band singing songs with an American redneck accent? Try a German band singing a French song with an American redneck accent. In Holland. The Bosshoss have gained a few fans over the length of time, and a sold-out Patronaat club in Haarlem seems proof of this.
Even though a good portion of the audience consisted of German followers, there were still enough Dutchies wearing their cowboy hats (in their fourties, but hey..) mixed up with your hardcore dudes ('if you're whiter than me, I shall ignore you'), your single seemingly lost goth ('why is everybody looking at me?') and the Friday night clubbing audience. Dominant however are rockers in their thirties and fourties, wearing denim vests and smoking brands of cigarettes that can't be bought in the Albert Heijn.
As proven in the past, The BossHoss has the talent to bring these people together and get them to party in unity. Whitey light, whitey heat. Something like that.
It has to be said that bands like The BossHoss are acts that thrive on their formula. It's great fun, but the covering hit-pop songs like Brittney Spears ('Toxic') is losing it's novelty slowly. Same goes for The Cardigans' 'Favourite Game'. An eyebrow can be raised for the bizarre situation one finds himself as a Dutchman listening to Germans playing 'C'est Plain Pour Moi', and during the funny 'I Play A Little Slayer For You'.
In the end I do not believe the hype. If there is one to begin with. The Bosshoss are just a fun party band for your otherwise so average Friday night. And maybe a colourful addition to a festival line-up littered with British Indierock bands that take themselves too serious. But that's where it starts and ends at the same time. The Bosshoss have a gimmick, and not much more than that. No picture of a pinup on the amp, no 'yihah' can conceal that their Bobbejaanland rock 'n' roll has as much depth as a shot of cocaine. 
Details Written on Tuesday Jun 12th, 2007
Writer @Lex

Tags: #The Bosshoss