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X-Mass Metalfest 2003 - 013 Tilburg
[b]Every year it�s the same shit, the annual Christmas, or better said Anti-Christ fest, a brutal package in the 013 with some very qualitative bands and as a sublime dessert Deicide. The queue was quite long and it was a good decision to be there on time. This live review is made by Metalrage reporters Mat-Core and Demondust. Mat-Core covered The Choice and Demondust reviewed Misery Index in the �Kleine Zaal�[/b] The Choice Line Up: [b]Graveworm Dew-Scented Finntroll Amon Amarth Nile Destruction Deicide[/b] Line Up Kleine Zaal: [b]Demonizer Nemesis Irea Scarve Aborted Misery Index[/b] [i]Graveworm:[/i] Graveworm isn�t that unknown anymore and this German black metal band with its Italian vocalist impressed some souls with this show. [img][/img] The main part of the songs was from the recently released Engraved In Black album and songs like Legions Unleashed and Drowned In Fear were astonishing when played live. Stefan Fiori, dressed in an A.C. Milan football shirt, was grunting and screaming his guts out and didn�t seemed to have any trouble with the high screams and the deadly low grunts. I didn�t recognize the older work they played, but it all sounded like a good whole. [i]Dew-Scented:[/i] They played in the Kleine Zaal some months ago and however they released their new album then, they didn�t play many songs from that album. Luckily this show was completely to promote their new record and songs like Soul Poison, New Found Pain and the extremely brutal One By One went through the hall like sweet cakes. [img][/img] Everybody seemed to enjoy the powerful new thrash, inspired by slayer, but totally cranked up. Of course there was some room for some oldies, but the entire show was based on the latest 2 albums, so Ill-Natured and Innoscent were a bit left out. From Inwards they played Left Hand Path, Locked In Motion and Bitter Conflict, which turned the gig into one big moshpit. All with all Dew-Scented did a good set and without failures. [i]Finntroll:[/i] I was a little late because of an interview with Dew-Scented, but when I entered the hot and fury madness of Finntroll, it completely overtook me. Songs like Jaktens Tid, Segersang and the oldie Midnattens Widunder gave a good impression of the trollish world of Finntroll. The songs breathed Nordic winter air. Vocalist Wilska blasted through the songs and after 35 minutes of pure trollish hate it was over, leaving an exhausted crowd behind. [img][/img] Very nice performance and after their string of bad luck beginning with ex-vocalist Katla, who couldn�t sing anymore, to the death of Teemu �Somnium� Raimoranta. Leaving these bad times behind, Finntroll certainly looked ready to again begin conquering the world with their trollish metal. [i]Amon Amarth:[/i] If there was a band I would like to see again, it was Amon Amarth. Luckily the time was now and after one and a half years it was finally possible again to see them perform. [img][/img] In the beginning the sound was quite miserable and wrongly adjusted. When the show continued, the sound got better and powerful songs like Versus The World, Masters Of War and The Last Of Pagan Blood got through easily and pounding. When adding the Viking like look of vocalist Johan Hegg, it surely gave a nice twist to the show and the performance was neat. [i]Nile:[/i] When there is a band that has found it�s place on the big festivals, it�s Nile. With their everlasting blasting complex death metal, they lift every barrier to a new edge. With 3 vocalists and all grunting their guts out, they made a good impression. Nile is the living prove that men that are somewhat older then their fellow death metal colleagues, still can produce songs of such high level. Songs like Sacrophagus, Howling Of The Jinn and Black Seeds Of Vengeance were performed neat but not as neat as I�ve heard it before. Nonetheless the show was excellent and eye-catching. [i]Destruction:[/i] It cannot be that a X-Mass fest will be approved without a pure Thrashing band. This year it was the opportunity for Destruction to perform. Schmier and companions breathe Thrash and with their new album Metal Discharge they truly give it away. I wasn�t able to witness the whole show, but nonetheless I heard songs like The Butcher, The Butcher Strikes Back, Metal Discharge and Nailed To The Cross. The sound was overwhelming, but Schmier wasn�t that good at voice this night. A little pity, but it surely was a great show as I heard the audience go wild. [i]Deicide:[/i] Due to a big delay because of some technical problems I also couldn�t see this show in whole. When they finally began with Children Of The Underworld, I pitied it that I couldn�t see it all. Glen Benton was happy to be in Holland, and exclaiming it by drinking a Heineken when saying: �I love Holland and I�m really enjoying my Heineken���. When I�m not getting drunk on the Jack Daniels!!!� Songs like Blame It On God, Bible Basher, Serpents Of The Light and Bastards Of Christ they pronounced their strong hate for god and Christianity. Glen also let us know he pronounced Christmas, as Shitmass and also being good at voice, he truly made the show. Nice performance, and hopefully a little longer for me, next time. �Kleine Zaal� [i]Mistery Index:[/i] I actually missed one and a half song to try and see something of this great band. Arriving at the small stage, they were having some kind of technical problems which led to a delay of about 20 minutes. I could have seen Nile fucking �till the end man!!! Ah well, after seeing Misery Index I couldn�t care anymore. Yes that means that Misery Index was better than Nile. Especially the sound was much better. I guide you through the performance. As I told you, we arrived early for the performance so we still had to wait. Standing on our aching feet with beer in our hand just looking at the people who would play for us if they could. Very irritating for them as well. The main problem was the bass drum I believe. But finally they started and man� how powerful are these guys live! The audience wasn�t packed because of Destruction�s performance in the other room but still, this was ten times better then whatever Destruction was doing. A few songs that were played: �Retaliate�, �Angst Ist Die Seele Auf�, �Order Upheld/Dissent Dissolved�, �The Lies That Bind�, �The Great Depression�, �Demand The Impossible� and a whole lot more of destructive misery. I must say for a guy with short hair Jason Netherton is a great singer. He doesn�t look like he has to do everything in his power to get that fucking brutal sound from the back of his neck but looks rather calm on singing. It�s the bass playing he does that makes him a busy, string-annihilating, brutal fucker. Damn that guy is good. Another compliment goes out to the drummer who was molesting the kit just as fast as he did on their latest album �Retaliate�. Awesome man! And then to think that these guys had to start of in Germany on the small stage! It served them right to be standing there after the rest on that stage in the Netherlands. Too bad that is was so slippery in the moshpit, otherwise I wouldn�t have been abled to walk today. Thrashing madness everywhere!!!!! Fuck yeah! Review made by Demondust and Mat-Core
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

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