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Hey Ho Let's Go Punkmarathon -
Okay, writing this review is going to be interesting. I don�t have a list of bands thatt I�ve seen, nor do I know the times and quality. But hey, I�ll try anyway. It all started out on the second day of Christmass. I went out to dinner first to a Chinese restaurant with my girlfriend�s family, so I drank reasonably much beer there, to compensate the terror yet to come. (understand one thing, I DON�T like punk music) Arriving at Perron 55 there�s a line out there which contains at least 40 people waiting to get in. Nice start. After waiting for 30 minutes we can finally enter the building (which is a good thing�? I don�t know�). There was a band playing, but I couldn�t care less. When it�s punk in it�s most pure form, you can�t tell one song from the other. So it doesn�t catch my interest. Beer did do that for me! Especially because I got a lot for free because I knew people that were working behind the bar. Hey it was Christmass and that�s the time when you�re supposed to give. So I took!! Too much!! But back to the music. After that totally uninteresting band the kids from Rabid came onstage. They somehow did catch my interest. Mainly because of the fact that they did play somewhat more intelligent guitar parts in their songs. Just the backing vocals of the bass player were irritating. But halfway in their performance they blew up their shit, so the drummer had to fill in the time. Nasty. Very very very nasty. If you listen to metal kind-of-things like Slipknot and Slayer, you would have died listening to that drumsolo. I still grin thinking of it. After a couple of minutes they continued, but I lost my interest again to my beverage, which was still beer. Then some stupid ass band came on stage called Hooftpijn. They played some ska as well which was appealing to the crowd. I must say that they had a very good statement about our national railroad company: Fuck the NS!!! But that�s the only good thing in my opinion. Now, somewhere around here I really got drunk and I can�t remember a lot, but I�ll try anyway. I remember seeing 69 Charger who had a very enthusiastic crowd. Which was irritating for me because I have this punkerfriend who�s disabled in a wheelchair whom I had to protect from flying moshing punkers. So every two minutes I had to beat away one of them. Now that I think of it, it was actually pretty fun to do! Now if I remember correctly I saw a poppunk band after that, which is extremely irritating in my opinion. Singing + punk = shitty mess. I did see something idiot after that. It had a guy singing in an Infest shirt who thought it was necessary to throw water in the crowd. I didn�t think so, so I threw beer on that fucker! I immediately became sorry, because now I had to go to the bar AGAIN to get a new one. And now we reach a point where my stomach was containing so much beer (I didn�t take a piss there once, strangely), that it was getting to me. The alcohol was getting to me, the people where getting to me, but more importantly, the music was getting to me. But I had to see the next band. It�s a local band which I think is so bad (and many agree, trust me) they should be banned from stages forever. But nooooooooooooooooo, here they are, irritating me to death with their incredibly poor singing, bad guitar sound and I don�t want to mention the rest. That band was the final straw ( that, and more importantely, I didn�t have any coins to get beer anymore). So that�s when we left. I�ll try to give you an impression of the atmosphere there too. There was a great amount of German punkers present, which is irritating to me, because some of them try and talk to you and I hate that. I suck at German and I�ve probably got no shared interests with these people. So fuck off!! A lot of insanely dressed people, a lot of mohawks and leather jackets with dangerous spikes and stuff, all irritating to me. There also was this one guy, who was shaking hands with everybody in the audience, which is a social thing, so it�s a good thing. But some time later he tried to drink some of my beer, which is a crime of death in my eyes, so fuck him too! The stench of sweat was everywhere, at every wall there were punkers sleeping, puking, acting all horny (which is nasty), just plain ol� irritating me!!! I do think it�s cool that just a couple of local guys put all this together. 60 bands in 24 hours, all playing 24 minutes, respect for that. But after this I hate punk even more. Sorry, can�t help it. Funny fact: I saw this guy there, who must have been at least 2,30 metres high. Damn! And he had a mohawk too. For more info: Review by Demondust
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Hey Ho Let's Go Punkmarathon