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Red Bull Soundclash - Peter Pan Speedrock vs. Electric Eel Shock
Ow, my ears. Ow, my head. Despite the sponsor, Red Bull Soundclash 2007 ment nothing short of a beerfest. On top of that, I now remember why I usually wear earprotection at concerts. Cause damn, how loud can a concert get? Try putting two pretty loud bands like Peter Pan Speedrock and Electric Eel Shock in front of each other. A new definition of loud: Red Bull Soundclash 2007.
For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, at Red Bull Soundclash two bands compete with eachother on two stages that face each other. Votes are casted by the audience by 'making some noise'. The band that gets the most decibels out of the crowd wins a round. The rounds consist of games like 'estafette' (band A kicks in a song and stops in at a certain point, band B tries to take it over as fluently as possible), or 'best cover'. Truly a fun concept that works out pretty well. And when there's a host like Denvis (a comedian at heart), and two cool bands a great night is guarenteed.
A short summary of the night: Electric Eel Shock plays Go Satan Go, Peter Pan plays Suicide Rock n Roll, both bands play Paranoid (Electric sings it in Japanese), Dikke Dennis engages in a sumowrestling match with the mascotte of the Electrics, heavy moshing & beer tossing, insane decibels, Do The Metal, You Bastard!, Ressurection, Always Drunk, Always Loud, Always Right...
In the end the last thing that mattered was who'd win the 'battle', with so much rock 'n' 'tainment. What mattered was not knowing where to look with two great bands trying to be louder, better and funnier than the other. And the necessary raising of fists, headbanging and beerdrinking.
Great to see that such a conceptualized evening can be a good time.
Details Written on Thursday Oct 18th, 2007
Writer @Lex

Tags: #Red Bull Soundclash