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Taste Of Chaos 2007 - You guys are too much!
Last year The Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour came over to Europe for the first time. Like this year they played in Tilburg in the 013. This edition consisted of 6 bands; The Used, Rise Against, Aiden, Gallows, The Blackout and Setting For Disaster. Before I went to this gig I only was familiar with the music of Rise Against, the other 5 acts were unknown to me. Setting For Disaster was already playing when I entered the venue. I saw one-and-a-half song of these guys, but it wasn�t really impressive.

The next 3 acts on the bill � The Blackout, Gallows and Aiden � weren�t interesting either. All three acts had a high clap-along percentage and all singers were more �helicoptering� with their microphones than singing/screaming in it. The Blackout did a fine job amongst the young audience. Both singers sounded very well and many youngsters were singing along with the song 'We Are The Dynamite!� Besides that they played predictable music which sounded a bit like the music of LostProphets on their latest album. The act of the punk/hardcore band Gallows was the worst of the whole night. The sound wasn�t good during their performance, but that wasn�t all. The singer looked annoyed and he was really arrogant on stage. Spitting in the crowd, calling everybody �cunts� the whole time and bullying a guy who lost his shoe didn�t make him beloved. The way he announced some songs was also really striking: �I don�t like the next song and I hope you don�t like it either, so we wouldn�t have to play this one anymore�. I guess this quote says enough.
After Gallows it was time for the emo-goth-punk band Aiden. I saw Aiden live once before at the 2007 edition of the Fields Of Rock festival. Back then reviewer BoEk described them as �pink t-shirts selling emo crap band for twelve year olds� and they haven�t changed much. The young audience was screaming a lot during their show, especially when the singer took of his coat. Besides the screaming there was the usual wall of death and some occasional (circle) pits. Although� pits� it was more hugging than moshing� After Aiden it was time for the band why I was present: Rise Against. Unfortunately I have to say that they weren�t that great either.

Rise Against
was still easily the best band of the night, but they had some problems. The voice of singer Tom McIlrath wasn�t as good as it can be. Maybe I�m wrong and was it the microphone, but I�m not really sure. What I do know is the sound was fucked up. There were many problems with for instance the bass guitar and the guitar of Tom. When his guitar didn�t work properly he anticipated really well by saying: �It seems my guitar is not ready for Tilburg, you guys are too much!�  Besides these problems the band played tight with many sing-along songs from their latest album The Sufferer And The Witness. Especially during �Prayer Of The Refugee� the crowd got completely insane. Other songs that were played are: �Camber The Cartridge�, �Ready To Fall�, �The Good Left Undone�, �Survive�, �Give It All�, �Blood To Breath� and �Like The Angel�.

After the show of Rise Against Superman, Mr. T, Frankenstein, Dracula, Elvis, Bush, E.T., Marilyn Monroe, Mickey, Charley Chaplin, Paris Hilton, Rocky, Darth Vader and John F Kennedy � made of cardboard � got on stage to act as decoration for the set of The Used. It looked nice, but its function?
Anyway� I only saw about two or three songs from these guys, because I had to catch the train home. Everybody in the audience seemed to enjoy their show and when the singer asked who wanted to sing and dance on stage there were many hands in the air. For me their music was too sugary, but the 15-year-old-myspace-generation seemed to have the time of their life.
Details Written on Monday Nov 12th, 2007
Writer @Gilles

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