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Mortification, Docile - Christian death metal night
On a Thursday evening it was time for some Christian metal. At first there were 3 bands on the bill, but after the cancellation of Morphia only Mortification and Docile remained. Docile, a young Dutch band from Zwolle, opened the night with some brutal death metal. Most of the visitors weren�t present to witness Docile, but the came to see Mortification. An extreme metal band from Australia founded in 1990. Over the years Mortification has released over twenty records on record companies like Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade. To be honest I was present that night to see Docile play, because I never heard music from Mortification before this night. 

started and although the doors were open for some time now, it wasn�t very crowded in the venue. At the end of their set there were much more people, but I was expecting more� The music Docile played wasn�t very shocking or something, but they did a great job! A nice and energetic stage performance combined with some good death metal really impressed me. Especially the melodic parts of their music were worth listening to. Although the crowd was very static, the band made the best of it and I am going to see this band again for sure. 

After reading some facts about Mortification at home I was very curious about them. The things they have achieved are really impressive, but unfortunately their performance wasn�t. After waiting way too long at the bar � approximately 45 minutes � Mortification started their set. This three-piece band played their music, but nothing more. The singer/bass player had a headset so he could constantly watch his fingers and the guitar player also only looked at his guitar, so their stage performance was pretty boring. During the first song I was standing in the back of the venue and I seriously thought that the singer wasn�t on stage yet. I didn�t notice the headset so I thought maybe the singer was singing backstage or maybe the vocals were taped. This had nothing to do with performing; it looked like they were rehearsing or something. Between the songs the singer was constantly talking, but wasn�t saying anything. He explained why he had glasses etc. Who gives a fuck?! During the show, the crowd was doing the exact same thing the band was doing, namely standing still the whole time. I didn�t stay until the end of the show, because I couldn�t stand this band. Luckily enough there was one positive thing about this night and that�s the fact that a young band from Zwolle had a better stage performance than an international band with over 25 years of experience.
Details Written on Thursday Nov 15th, 2007
Writer @Gilles

Tags: #Mortification #Docile