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Necro - Walking in circles for forty minutes is cool these days
What is it with rappers getting away with being an obnoxious bunch of pricks? The whole concept of being uninterested as a lifestyle, I don't get it. Take Necro for instance. After a fit delay, the self-proclaimed Death Rapper walked around the stage in circles for about forty minutes, spat out about eight or ten songs and fucked off. Probably to get stoned, which is still a status symbol in dumb-ass countries like the United States.
So what was doing attending a hip-hop show in the first place? Well, lot's of reasons. First of all, Necro's lyrics are sicker than anything else in it's genre. With thematics that are lyrically closer to Cannibal Corpse than 50 Cent, they attract quite some attention to metal heads nowadays. Furthermore, the man samples, and collaborates with, some of the greats in metal. Like Hatebreed, Lamb of God and Obituary. On top of that, he is probably the one rapper that has successfully rapped over blast beats on an occasional track. To top it off, Necro is notorious for have an endless interest in fucking, and is once again one of the most explicit in that department. All in all he's a walking controversy that often asks his listeners to die. Enough reasons for a metalzine to be among the small group of whitey-ass-crackers in the Melkweg on a Wednesday night to witness an underground phenomena.
But as hinted in the intro, the night had it's frustrations. First the guest list didn't arrive. To top it off we were left waiting for about 75 minutes for an interview. Once again, annoying. When the merch guy told us the tour managing-dick was out to get some weed (dumb ass American) while we were waiting that didn't get any better. In the end the interview never happened. Tens of hook-ups with that prick's voicemail did.
Well at least there was Necro. And his forty minute auto-pilote cash-in experience. And well, on the bright side it were forty minutes packed with great music. Necro's an equal gifted live-rapper as much as he impresses on cd. Tracks such as 'Creepy Crawl' and 'Belligerent Gangsters' kicked ass, the same can be said about 'Some Get Back' or oldies like 'Bury You With Satan' and 'The Dispensation of Life and Death'. Serious ass was kicked when Jamey Jasta's voice echoed through the speakers during 'Push It To the Limit' and during the blast beat-rap of 'Suffocated To Death By God's Shadow'. Nice. In between songs Necro got the audience to interact in a typical way.
"When I say 'Die!' you say 'Bitch!"
or how about (my favourite):
"When I say 'Porn' you say 'Porn!"
But as said, Necro disappointed gravely by buggering off in such short notice. Leaving the attending audience 25 euros lighter without hardly a story to tell. In the end beer saved the evening. When I say 'beer'....
Details Written on Tuesday Nov 20th, 2007
Writer @Lex

Tags: #Necro