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A Perfect Circle - Auf Dem Mauer
A totally sold out 013 was the result of the rumour that A Perfect Circle would perform there. The rumour became reality and at Friday 30th of January they finally stood on the stage. Because I had the luck that I had to work at the 013 that day, I was able to scoop away a quite big part of the show. Because it was overloaded I had to miss the opening act Auf Dem Mauer, but what I heard from it, it didn�t really get my attention. A Perfect Circle: I wasn�t able to see the very beginning of the show, but I could hear it very well. They opened with a new track from the 13th Step album and instantly got the audience with them. Luckily I was able to see something of the show then. When I entered the hall, it was obvious that A Perfect Circle took a big stage show. With the vocalist and drummer on a high pad, and the bass player and guitarist (Maynard Keenan, Tool�s vocalist) were standing somewhat lower. They took almost 4 hours before the show with soundchecking and it was heard now. The sound was superb and the light show was very well fitting with the ambient music. With songs like The Hollow, Thomas and 3 Libras from the previous album, they scored the most applause, but the new songs were almost equally rumoured. I personally enjoyed the previous album more, because it�s heavier. From the 13th Step, they played The Noose and The Nurse, (that were the songs I could distinguish by then, I still had to work you know) I left the hall a little while for duties, and when I returned I just was able to see the final song. Judith, from Mer De Noms was the closing song of a superb set. A Perfect Circle have proven that they aren�t depending on the vocals of Maynard, but that this band is a lot more than just a side project. A little comment though, I always believed Maynard was the leading vocalist, but I didn�t see him singing that much, because Maynard is bald, and the guy who was singing had quite long dreads, but that is irrelevant at the moment. The show was perfect, and I was glad I had to work that day.
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #A Perfect Circle