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Skyforger - Menhir + Trimonium
[i]The first day of February was a kicking day, as the Vikings from Menhir would perform in The Netherlands. Too bad it was all the way down to Bladel, near the Belgian Border, it still was the only opportunity to see them live in awhile. With a package called Pagan Warriors Across Europe, which consisted of 3 bands: Trimonium, Menhir and Skyforger, they scurried over the lands. As it was a fine day for some good metal, the evening started along with Trimonium in the Pazzop, in Bladel.[/i] [img][/img] Trimonium: The first band to perform was a 4 men band that started of quite vague, because they were playing a song, but the song was intended as a sound check. It was scheduled at 4 to start, but it was 4:45 when they finally began playing. Songs like When The Ravens Fly, from the debut album Of Warriors and Heroism, reminded me much of the old school black metal like Horna and Dark Throne. However the production is quite strong, the pagan black metal wasn�t superb and with a drummer who couldn�t time himself correctly, they made a few errors. I liked the song Forwards To Eternal Glory because of the thrashy elements hidden in the music. Another song that caught my attention was Prophecy Of The Ghula, again because of the thrashy rhythms. I must say that Trimonium weren�t performing badly, but it compared to nothing with Menhir. Menhir: [img][/img] The next band was again from the German wastelands. This band from the Bundesrepublik Thuringen was impressing, both in show and in music. The stage was dressed up with medieval weaponry and armour, with broadswords and a huge statue of a Viking fully dressed for battle. The music was comparable with Thyrfing, however Menhir put more folk in the music, thus creating a nice blending mix of Viking and Pagan metal, with traces of black in it. The glory and malice didn�t continue for long, because they quit their show after 5 or 6 songs. Now I must confess that all of the songs lasted over 5 minutes, but still a pity, as I wanted to see more of them. The songs they did play were Ziuwari (title track of their latest album) and Wotans Runenlied, also from this album. The vocals were completely in German and no English was used. Too bad it was that short, but hell damn, it truly was a grand show. Skyforger: [img][/img] This Pagan band from Latvia is proclaiming a thought, once proclaimed by a dubious ruler in the midst of the 20th century. I don�t like this kind of shit, and cannot believe in the same thing as they do. The music though was quite astonishing and sounded very well. Their songs were quite pounding and also with a little more folk in it. It was just Pagan metal from the booklets. I don�t follow their ideology, but I certainly liked the music they made. I cannot remember any titles because they weren�t said. It was after 20 minutes when I decided to leave, because hunger overtook me. Nice band, but nothing more. This evening I was impressed by Menhir, and will continue to follow this band in new releases and shit like that. I certainly would like to see them again. If you would like to see more of this band:
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Skyforger