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Coheed and Cambria (support San Andreas) - Having fun again
It seems that Coheed and Cambria are back in business after a period of struggling with serious band issues. Since they have Chris Penny (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) taking place behind the drums and a brand new record out, they’re back to rock their asses off. Even though I had exams the day after, I decided that I didn’t want to miss all this fun.
First San Andreas got to warm up the audience. An emo/screamo band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In my opinion not a very innovating band. Typical screamo, loud, messy, not much variation and they of course had the new hype skinny jeans look. Still they put down an ‘okay’ show and got some people moving. But for me it got boring after the first three songs already.
So San Andreas finished their set, Coheed’s crew got the stage done and the audience grew bigger. Time to rock!
And it did! I’ve seen Coheed play a few times now and this time, in contrary to earlier shows I’ve seen, they all looked really enthusiastic again. Maybe because, as you can read in my latest interview with Claudio and Travis, they see this period as a new start. So as they rocked with a smile, 90’s rock, 80’s metal en today’s pop got fired off! On stage they got back-up from a guy behind a keyboard and two blonde senioritas for backing vocals. Too bad the sound that night was pretty messy.
Next to the classic songs like ‘Devil In New Jersey and ‘A Faver House Atlantic, they played a lot of songs from No World For Tomorrow. For example, ‘The Running Free’,
‘No World For Tomorrow’, ‘The Hound (Of Blood and Rank)’ and ‘Gravemakers & Gunslingers’. They also played a cover which Travis sang to. Not sure which song it was.
Those who have seen Coheed and Cambria play in the past two years, know that they most of the time end with ‘The Final Cut’ from the record Good Apollo. But before the never ending solos from Claudio and Travis began, Chris got to do a drum solo. So this was his moment to release all the Dillinger style drumming he normally need to put aside while drumming Coheed songs. Pretty fun to watch.
After all it was a great rocking evening! I’m glad I went to see them play. It improved my opinion about Coheed and Cambria performing live. So next time they’re in Holland, you better check them out!
Love Maurits
Details Written on Tuesday Feb 5th, 2008
Writer @Maurits

Tags: #Coheed and Cambria (support San Andreas)