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Crust 'N Punk Party - Hot Steaming Monkey Love
This would be a fantastic evening, that would end in disaster. The bands that would play were Skulls And Flames, Cockroach, Hot �n Steamy Monkey Love and MIHOEN. I went there with my girlfriend and my weelchaired buddy, who is a cousin of the drummer of HSML. We had to walk from the train station to De Bosuil, which takes you about 30 minutes when you don�t know where you�re going and you have to go on and of sidewalks with a wheelchair. But nevertheless, we arrived on time to see Skulls and Flames. Unfortunately De Bosuil wasn�t opened entirely, but only one third of it and they used the small stage which is used for merchandise when there are bigger, more known bands playing. Skulls and Flames were ok for an opening act, but not entirely convincing. It looked a bit like Insult (RIP), but not as good. Really short and fast songs. Their guitar player did have some interesting tricks up his sleeve which I could appreciate, but the waiting was for HSML. Meanwhile, beer was going down my neck in a rapid pass, and my buddy was (trying to) keep up with me. After that, the amazingly irritating punkband Cockroach was allowed to enter the stage. I did absolutely not enjoy these guys. The vocalist had to say something about how rotten society is today between each song and I couldn�t care less. The drummer looked like a monkey that had taken to many energy pills, which doesn�t help you if you drum punk music. Anyway, I was glad when it ended. Up next was Hot �n Steamy Monkey Love!!!!! The moment I was waiting for the entire evening. Well, I heard some tracks of their upcoming LP(!!!) on their label�s website,, but that was nothing compared to what they did live. Consisting out of the drummer and guitarist of Insult (RIP), and a vocalist and bass player, these guys just totally overwhelmed me. I can�t compare their music to anything, except a little bit of Iron Monkey, of whom they played the track Supagorgonzer. Their loud sludgerock grabbed me by my head and made it banging until I was grabbed by my arm by my girlfriend to receive terrible news. This is where the evening turned into hell. My weelchaired concertbuddy was puking in the sink of the ladies bathroom!!! And we had to leave if we wanted to catch the train. So there we went with a passing out disabled person who had my jacket on him (me walking in a t-shirt, wasted as hell, pushing him forward) because he was too fucked up to put on his own. After this, disaster stuck many more times, but I�ll leave it with this and your imagination, but in the end we got back home safely. We had to miss the old-skool hardcore band MIHOEN because we couldn�t get home otherwise, but later I heard they were pretty good. Ah well, I was wasted and satisfied, in a strange way� Can�t wait to see HSML again. Their LP will be out soon, the first 50 are a limited edition that come with a T-shirt. Make sure to check them out sometime!!! [b]Review By DemonDust[/b]
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Crust 'N Punk Party