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Paaspop 2008 - Frozen krentenbollen and loads of beer

Quite an experience. Camping out when temperatures go below the zero centrigrade mark, you must be an utter twat to do so. Around 3 AM the mud had become frosted and the krentenbol I personally had saved to enjoy in the morning had gotten rockhard. Same went for Gilles' stroopwafels. Concrete! And for the first time in the history of festivals, the beers in our tents weren't hot and disgusting. Rather too cold to hold, even with gloves on. When taking a piss, you could hear the ground crackle underneath as it was defrosting.
Thank god there's a couple of hundred twats in The Netherlands, as the campsite was quite full. Metalrage was at Paaspop, like every year, and enjoyed, like every year, beer and more beer. Oh, and some bands too! I'd say: who cares! This festival has always been good to us, in alcoholic as well as some other terms. Bet they are alcohol related, whatever they are.
But hey. We were at Paaspop with seven peeps: Buzzin Hornet, Carn, Slegdehammer Messiah, Niamen, Gilles, Demondust and Lex. Since we were there anyway... Why not write a STUK about it?


[b]All Missing Pieces[/b]

About ten years ago there were three guys nearly children who had a hit called Mmmbob. Indeed the Hanson brothers. Well with All Missing Pieces we have our own Hanson. At least the average age is quite the same. With their Hives like straight forward rock and roll they tried to entertain the early crowd. Although I wasn't able to see the entire show due some problems entering the festival, it was very clear that All Missing Pieces didn't succeed completely. On the other hand, how many people can say they stood on stage on a festival at the age of 10 or 12? Let's say I'm curious where All Missing Pieces will stand in a year or 3. [i]By Niamen[/i]

The BZB is one of the bands that has a special place in my heart. Not only for the funny Dutch lyrics about everyday life, but also because of the great show they always give. Very often did I spend the night drinking lots of beer during one of their shows. This theatre show was the first time I saw them in this setting. With a nice musical start where they played a song on beer bottles and other non instruments. After this it's on with the party. With a nice mixtures of great songs, musical intermezzos and of course well known BZB songs, they conquered the theatre tent. Like every theatre this tent had also a lot of chairs in it, but at the end of the show probably the entire crowd stood in front of the stage. Excuse me, chairs? [i]By Niamen[/i]

[b]Aux Raus[/b]
One of the most energetic shows of the festival was without a doubt Aux Raus. Their gabberpunk really is one of a kind and something you have to experience live once, in the pit that is, cause things go wild there! On a hard electronic beat two chaps make this strange though effective mix of electronics and guitars; so we have a beat, a guitarplayer and a singer who screams his lungs out and his mimic of drugfaces are just hilarious. Parts of the stage get ripped off, smashed to the head and every time I see them live the audience goes nuts; this is party moshing to the max! A few hours later they did another show in a smaller tent and I had doubts whether people would be in for this party again, cause with just one record the set was basically identical, but what the hell, things went nuts once again. When you’re in for some serious party moshing, be sure to check this out! [i]By Sledgehammer Messiah[/i]

To be honest I'd never heard of Pronghorn before when they played at the Paaspop festival. Musically they sound like the Heckensaw Boys with a great pour of Bad Religion. On paper a mixture that could sound very nice but sadly enough it didn't live. Of course it wasn't bad but the hard needed click never reached the crowd. This resulted in a crowd that was more likely talking to the people next to them than listening to the music. [i]By Niamen[/i]

[b]Fiction Plane[/b]
It's always very nice to be a son of a famous musician. Especially when you can use your fathers name to become widely known. On the other hand, on stage you have to do it yourself. Well to be honest I was quite surprised by Fiction Plane, indeed with the son of Sting. With their poppy rock songs they entertained the crowd well and of course their massive hitsingle was also present at this show. [i]By Niamen[/i]

[b]The Phantom Four[/b]
Some years ago I encountered The Phantom Four when I was working at the bar in our local venue, and I was amazed by their kick ass surf-rock. I couldn’t miss the chance to see them again at this festival so there I was, at a freezing Paaspop, listening to tunes that summoned a bright sun, huge waves, and Tarantino movies. At least that’s the feeling I get, like listening to a Tarantino movie soundtrack. After a track or six, the crew decided it was time to go see the son of The Police’s Sting, so we left the sunny beach and walked into the freezing cold, with thoughts of summer in our heads. [i]By DemonDust[/i]

[b]Adjes Zing a Song Show[/b]
Somebody shoot this new-age Peewee Herman asshole. The Vegan Streaker would kick his ass any day. [i]By Lex[/i]

Although I have a weakness for bands with a contrabass, Batmobile couldn't convince me right away. With their Motörhead alike rock and roll they are mainly entertaining the older part in the crowd. As for the rest of he crowd there's that cold drink we like to call beer. So that is what I did during this show, drink beer. At the end I could say that Batmobile was nice, the beer was cold and the tentstage very warm. [i]By Niamen[/i]

Headliner of the Saturday was the Dutch pop-band Bløf. These guys from the province of Zeeland are already many years at the top of the Dutch music-industry. With their own festival – Concert at Sea – and their many hit singles they are known by every Dutchman. Everybody knows songs like ‘Alles Is Liefde’, ‘Liefs Uit Londen’ and of course ‘Harder Dan Ik Hebben Kan’. This band is definitely not metal enough for, but I enjoyed their show very much so I couldn’t care less. I’m by the way definitely not the only one who enjoyed their show. The Mainstage-tent was fully packed and Bløf played a very impressive show with almost all their hits. Furthermore the sound was great and the band seemed to enjoy the show just as much as the singing and clapping audience. After one-and-a-half-hour they left the stage to come back for a little dessert. A cosy first day of the festival was finished off appropriately. [i]By Gilles[/i]


[b]The Bloody Honkies[/b]
For a snowy and cold winter weekend it wasn’t that bad on Sunday morning. A look at the first band of the day taught us that these guys weren’t bad either! The Bloody Honkies are four guys who make rock ‘n roll, which can be compared with their colleagues from The Answer. With a lot of energy they were trying to wake up the crowd a bit and for those who don’t like coffee this was a good alternative. The Masters Of Rock wasn’t that crowded yet, but those who were present saw a good and decent performance. A promising start for the second day of the festival! [i]By Gilles[/i]

This afternoon at Paaspop was the first show since six months of the Dutch metal band Textures, a band much praised by this webzine and yours truly in particular. It was also the debut of a number of new songs (four if I remember well) of the forthcoming album Silhouettes. What was most noticeable in their new material was the even more grooving dimension in the rhythmic patterns which I love so much. Among the new songs was the already digitally released ‘Old Days Born Anew’, ‘Storm Warning’ and another two more, of which one was more atmospheric and less aggressive. The main problem with this show was the volume, it was way too soft for this band to really capture their energy. Nevertheless their song ‘Stream Of Consciousness’ found me thrashing in the pit like a madman, just like their grand finale ‘Regenesis’. Good performance, bad sound. Can’t wait to see them again at Waterfront with their album presentation. [i]By DemonDust[/i]

To book the Heideroosjes for your festival is always a good decision. The Masters Of Rock was almost fully packed and the audience went crazy during their show. Besides songs from their latest release, Chapter Eight: The Golden State, they also played a couple of older ones, like ‘Sjonnie en Anita’. Whether they were almost 20 years old or almost new: they were all played with a lot of power, energy and fun. Their show was furthermore not very surprising or anything, but that’s no big deal; they did what they were supposed to do. Besides the music, they also have a really strong opinion about politics. During their performance they dedicated ‘Scapegoat Revolution’ to Geert Wilders, ‘Fistfull Of Ideals’ to George W. Bush and the song ‘United Scum’ was transformed into ‘United Tibet’. “United is what we are, Tibet is what we fight for. United is how we stand, Tibet... it must be free!” [i]By Gilles[/i]

[b]Guus Meeuwis[/b]
After an interview with Marco Roelofs of Heideroosjes it was time for one of the most familiar singers of The Netherlands, namely Guus Meeuwis. Guus is just like Bløf not really metal, but hey… who cares. When even a non-fan knows 90% of your repertoire you are worth mentioning. The Mainstage-tent was very crowed and everybody was singing and clapping along. Guus and his band did a great job entertaining the audience and after 75 minutes the audience still wanted more. Unfortunately a festival needs to have a strict time-schedule and Guus already was 15 minutes over his playing time. With ‘Brabant’ Guus ended his set with the best possible song though and everybody left the tent satisfied. [i]By Gilles[/i]

[b]Peter Pan Speedrock[/b]
Great thing about Paaspop is you know what you're gonna get when you buy a ticket. You're gonna get [b]Peter Pan Speedrock[/b], that for sure. And to be honest, there's really nothing to say about the closedown act of the rock stage, except maybe that there's still a discussion going on whether sexy motherfucker Dikke Dennis actually did a wee-wee on stage, bewetting a certain televisionshowhost. I'd still say it was a sweatmark. Or maybe the fact that the songs played that night were chosen by the fans was kind of new.. Anyhow, a great sweaty and beery hour or so. [i]By Lex[/i]

Details Written on Saturday Mar 29th, 2008
Writer @Lex

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