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Turisas, Norther, Heidevolk - And the battle was about to begin.
Heidevolk, a band I’ve seen several times before, and I’m sure I’ll see them many times in the future. I really love this band, especially live. Their shows are always very entertaining and it is always very obvious the band loves to play live. And off course this time they didn’t let me down as well. Damn, what a great gig. Great songs were on their set list like 'Wodan heerscht' , 'Krijgsvolk', 'Het Geldersvolkslied', 'Saskenland' and 'Vulgaris Magistralis'. Normally the first band that hits the stage has a tough crowd, but Heidevolk made the crowd go wild. I guess many people actually came to see Heidevolk in the first place.
Norther…. I actually wasn’t very eager to see this band live. A couple years ago, a time when I was losing my interest in Children Of Bodom, Norther came up with their first album, and to me is was just another COB clone. So I’d never listened Norther anymore. I must say I was quite surprised as they started playing on stage. It didn’t sound bad at all. And their singer looked very familiar, I’d seen that dude before. And I was right, he is also the vocalist of Ensiferum. Actually I planned to get some drinks during their gig, but I actually liked it and stayed. But what more can I say about this band, I don’t know any of their songs except their 'The Final Countdown' cover. Well, it was less melodic and more riff orientated as I expected, and I liked that. It also is not a COB clone anymore.
While the crew was settting up the stage for Turisas, more and more people were putting on some red make-up for the war paint that some of the fans, wearing plastic horned helmets and carrying swords, brought with them. As the band hit the stage I counted just 5 band members. Where was the accordionist? Well, the band had an answer to that: They had a gig in Amsterdam and they lost him. Well, as a matter of fact, the band even sounded awesome without him. Turisas played some great songs from both their albums, like To ‘Holmgard and beyond’ (what a great sing along), ‘Miklagard Overture’ and ‘One more’. A little annoying was the fact that the vocalist was talking a lot. At the beginning it was fun, but after a while I, and most of the people around me, found it was enough, metal is what we wanted. Well at least the band now knows what the best Dutch beer is, Hertog Jan for the win!
I always wondered how the band would perform the classical arrangements, well unfortunately it was on tape. But that was okay.The interaction with the audience was great, but like I said, it could be less. As Olli, the violin player, asked what kind of violin solo we wanted (a regular clean one, or a distorted version) I got excited even more. I love guitar solos, but a violin solo is even better. The solo was awesome, but a little short. After the gig the audience off course wanted more, so the band returned on stage to treat us on some more epic tales. I had a great time. Next time the warriors are battling in the Netherlands again I will be there as well.