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Zu, K-Branding - Amazing experimental shit

The BatCave of the 013 was up for some very interesting and experimental stuff today. Unfortunately not many people visited this show, but the ones that did attend the show sure didn’t regret it.

Just as on the previous tour of Zu, Volt was supposed to support, but this was changed to K-Branding from Belgium. Consisting of a drummer, saxophonist and guitar player, this trio matched perfectly with Zu. The saxophonist did some obscure sounding vocals and reinforced the drums once in a while on an extra floortom and cymbals, while the drummer sometimes handled a flute. This combined with electronically alternated guitar and saxophone sounds they created an experimental set with a wide range of sound. (Sledgehammer)

About a month and a half ago I saw Zu perform together with Mike Patton, which was an incredible experience. I’ve also seen the band perform solo, which was equally impressing. Tonight was no exception either. This Italian fusion jazz trio comprised of a drummer, bassist and a baritone saxophonist whom operate on the highest level of musical skills, smashed everything one knows about music this evening. With these three instruments it is possible to rock like hell, even touch the regions of metal, while also being able to imitate techno beats and such. A shitload of noise to some, the best music ever made to others. Especially the drummer is a real treat to see, this guy has a metronome built inside of him it seems. And he also doesn’t shun experiments, like placing a china cymbal on his floor tom. This china cymbal was also used to do the freakiest shit I’ve ever seen a drummer do; just throwing it around on his lap while hitting it with his sticks in an actual rhythm so it seemed. Amazing shit. I can only advise those who are interested to go and see this live, because it is hard as hell to convey my enthusiasm for these guys in a sensible way. Check them out live when you can! (DemonDust)

Details Written on Monday May 5th, 2008
Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah

Tags: #Zu #K-Branding