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Man Man - Circus rockers from hell!
Last Sunday I visited a concert blindly, simply because I knew the sound tech and the description for this evening promised something bizarre. I’m talking about Man Man, a five piece band from Philadelphia. The description on the site of the venue really got me motivated to go, it goes something like this: “Man Man is insane. Like a circus wagon is stuffed with exuberant cavemen, odd instruments and hectolitres of strong liquor. Party!” After reading that I just had to go.

And a wise choice it was, for I discovered a new version of Mr. Bungle here this evening. Where even to begin reviewing this, I don’t know. Just imagine a shitload of instruments and other stuff that makes noises being operated by five guys who all know their part of the song to the greatest detail and execute it with skill and professionalism. Think of guitars, drums, keyboards, xylophones, bass, whistles of all sorts, pots and pans, toys for children, all kinds of bells and god knows what else. Just looking at the stage before they had entered, it made my expectations go through the roof, but they fulfilled them completely. These dudes know how to play. And how to compose utterly complex songs with a lot of hooks, twists and bizarre passages, without making it sound hard to do. It really is, the next Mr. Bungle. They’ll be playing a couple of more Dutch shows, and I can advise everyone to go see Man Man. You will be entertained and amazed at the same time, while also being treated on some good music. What more do you want?!?
Details Written on Tuesday May 20th, 2008
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Man Man