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Macabre - Cephalic Carnage - Brutus - Goudvishal Arnhem + De Bosuil Weert
After hearing Cephalic Carnage�s last full album �Lucid Interval� and Macabre�s best album �Dahmer� I just had to see these bands live. And since death metal concerts aren�t too expensive, I decided to visit them twice (well, three times if you include the Metalfest). The first time would be January the 29th in Arnhem, which would also be the first date of the entire tour. I missed the start of Brutus due to an interview with Cephalic Carnage drummer John Merryman, which wasn�t a success at all because the batteries is my recorder were dead. The second time in Weert, February 20th, I missed the entire concert due to the second interview which I did with Zac and Jawsh of Cephalic Carnage, whom were telling me a lot of crap which will appear on this website soon too. But anyway, for all the people who read this and like brutal braindead bashing, listen to Brutus. For the people that like creativity and originality, listen to Cephalic Carnage! Cephalic Carnage, never before has a band impressed me so much in a short amount of time. For the people who don�t know them, just think of a grindcore pothead version of Mr. Bungle, which is really hard to imagine, so just listen to their last album, which is one of the greatest albums I�ve ever heard! Songs like �Hybrid�, �Jihad�, �Scolopendra Cingulata�( which was the opening track of the show), �Fortuitous Oddity�, �Anthro-Emesis�, �The Isle Of California�, �Lucid Interval� and a whole bunch more. The songs were played pretty intensively at both venues and at both venues the last song played would be �Black Metal Sabbath�, which is a black metal song. They even wear black and white painted masks and act really �metally� which is really funny to see. In Arnhem they didn�t do that because one of the members forgot his mask in the bus, but in Weert they did. So I thought, with my stoned and drunken head, let�s mosh!! Bad idea!!! Within 10 seconds my shoulder was dislocated and my entire evening turned into a complete disaster. But I got to see Cephalic Carnage!!!! On to the headliner of the tour, the legendary Macabre, inventors of murder metal. Arnhem was the only show that I got to see, since I was injured in Weert. But I must say that Macabre looks pretty boring live, when you don�t know all the songs. I only have the Dahmer album, so I was very happy when they played the three longest tracks of that album; �Dog Guts�, �Hitchhiker� and �Scrub A Dub�. Corporate Death did impress me with his equipment, a head set with microphone and a transmitter for his 7-string guitar that also could arrange his effect pedals! Big pimpin� I�d say! In the end there were more people just chatting than looking at the show. Pity. But what the hell, I got pretty fucked up both evenings (in bad ways too) and I got to see Cephalic Carnage! And they were even better two days later at the metalfest. Guys, come back soon! Macabre website: Cephalic Carnage website: Brutus website:
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Macabre - Cephalic Carnage - Brutus