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Weistock 2008 - Mambo Kurt destroys Lottum!!
Every year in the small town called Lottum, Weistock is been held. It is organized by the people of OJC Canix and a lot of dedicated volunteers. Every year it is again one big party. I think Weistock is one of the best and most fun festivals in the Northern part of Limburg. Every year the programming of this festival is very diverse, from industrial to hip hop, from dialect rock to metal. DemonDust and I, sticked to review the more Metalrage worthy bands.
The Dutch band Ripsaw is on its way towards the minds of rock and metal lovers all over the country. The band plays a simple yet effective mixture of metal music based on the repertoire of their heroes. Which are very obviously bands like Metallica, Pantera, Motörhead and more stuff like that. It rocks, it swings, yet I’ve heard it all before just like everyone else. Yet that doesn’t stop a band from becoming big these days anymore, so if they keep this straightforward approach up this might go places. A decent performance to get in the mood for some heavy noise. (DemonDust)
First “band” that got my attention, was Metal-ABBA-ration. Well, if you look at the band name closely enough, you might know what to expect. Schroef and Peppie two well known locals took their love for Abba songs one step further. Basically it’s two guys dressing up and wearing black-metal corpse paint and screaming along in black-metal howls and
growls over Abba tunes. O.K., when I write it like that, it doesn’t sound that good! It’s in fact a really well executed joke, which is performed pretty good. When they started to sing-along with the Abba classic Mamma Mia, bags with potato chips with the same name where flying around in the little tent. Funny and well performed bad Abba metal joke… (RoyBalowski)
Model 101
Around 17.00u it was time for Venlo technical metal band Model 101, with our very own Demondust. This was the second time that I’ve seen this band. At first when you don’t give this band a good listen, you can put them easily on the huge pile of rubbish nu-metal bands that are around these days. This band doesn’t deserve this, because this band is way much more than just some groovy metal riffs. Anyway when they started off on the main stage, the tent wasn’t that crowded jet. During the show it change more and more and in the end of the show, the tent was pretty full. Musically this band balances between more nu-metal sounded bands like Slipknot and Disturbed and more crazier stuff like the Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon and Meshuggah. I have to say, that this combination works quite well. In one hand you have the groove and easy listening of nu-metal and in the other hand; you’ve got the diversity and craziness off bands like the Dillinger Escape Plan. I have to say though, that I like the crazy songs a lot more than the more nu-metal sounding songs. The nu-metal sounding songs don’t sound that interesting, because you’ve heard it before. Absolute props to this band for mixing a couple of songs with breakcore sounding samples. Make more songs like that! I think when this band evolves a bit more, this band holds a great future. Definitely a band to keep your eyes on… You will be hearing from them. (RoyBalowski)
The Hot Stewards
One of the bands I’ve read quite a bit about was the rock ‘n' roll disco band The Hot Stewards. So, I was anxious to see if they delivered the goods. The Lottum audience was a bit laid back in the beginning, but in the end of the show the whole tent was moving their ass! This band had an absolute very professional stage show. You noticed that they were used to play in front of big audiences. This band out of Rotterdam and surroundings plays a very energetic brew off punkrock, rock ‘n roll and 80’s disco. In fact they cover 80’s disco classics from Rick Ashley, Wham, A-Ha, Pet Shop Boys and Bronski Beat and stick them in firm punkrock/rock ‘n roll jackets! Imagine TurboNegro and The Hellacopters guys, jamming together and 80’s disco tracks. Even their clothes matched their song! Great show! (RoyBalowski)
In the early evening, it was time for the industrial band Deadcell. I think this band is an extraction of one man brains and that is Marcus Bodine. It seems that this guy collected a bunch of people around him, to make his goal and visions reality. He plays lead guitar and sings. Other people he has involved in the show are a couple of female dancers, a guy that does electronics and a female guitar player. Musically he reverse a lot to Ministry, not only musically but also concept wise and lyrically. The songs are pretty much political loaded, which is been brought even stronger with the right visuals and outfits from the dancers. I really liked this band, which is probably best to describe as a mix of Ministry, Laibach and early Rammstein. I definitely like to see and hear more from this band in the future. (RoyBalowski)
The Setup
Replacing the cancelled Born From Pain (the singer had to go into immediate surgery when they found holes in his retina) was the Belgian hardcore band The Setup. I encountered this band once before (as an opening act for the cancelled BFP) and that appearance was quite to my liking. The guys went at it with great sound, bashing into the tame audience with their massive mixture of hardcore, metal and rock ‘n roll. I noticed that they had recruited a new singer (who used to be in the band Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems) who sounded quite different, yet I still liked his basic and aggressive approach. A great overall show which once again proved to me that this is a growing band that is to be reckoned with in the future. (DemonDust)
Mambo Kurt
Oh, and Mambo Kurt played as well in the small tent! What can I say? This guy destroys every club, barn or festival with his humor and Hammond-organ… Playing “organized” covers from Europe, Slayer, Bon Jovi and way more… Just go and see this guy, and laugh your ass off! Great fun… (RoyBalowski)

 pic.: Ingrid Janssen

Details Written on Sunday Aug 3rd, 2008
Writer @RoyBalowski

Tags: #Weistock 2008