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Serj Tankian - Over and over and over again...
We all know Serj Tankian best from his System of a down period. He recently started his solo project and is now touring the world spreading his message. Serj's message is an easy one: America is booohhh and nuclear weapons are booooohh as well and it will be highly unlikely that there is someone in the audience scratching behind his ears and going: "Really? Nukes are bad? Didn't hear that one before."

But once again: we're interested in the music and the show that he brings, the message is secondary. So, you've got a front man with a past and an easy to sell message, some good guitarists, a keyboard player (why? god, why?) and a drummer that can definitely beat the shit out of his kit, and what do you get? An hour and 20 minutes of the same song over and over again, with the added flavour of a - sort of funny but not that good - Abba cover and a Beatles cover. The covers were actually a nice change of pace in the set, but an encore that is the same song as your opener is a bit cheesy.

The band itself is a good band though. The guitarists are well teamed up and the drummer plays tighter than your Saturday night pants are. And Serj himself? You don't need this review to tell you that he is a great singer. His vocal range is amazing and he rarely misses a tone. Too bad he apparently lacks some creativity.

So concluding? Leave after 50 minutes and you have seen a good concert with a great drummer that sticks out. But if you stay until the end, you will come to the conclusion that a bit more variation is required to keep things going. Too bad, because the talent is definitely there!
Details Written on Sunday Aug 31st, 2008
Writer @LondonCustoms

Tags: #Serj Tankian
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