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The Hellacopters - Soundguy bad, bandguys good, Hulk angry!
After their final release Head Off, The Hellacopters embarked on one final tour. The album was pretty good, the previous ones were better, so seeing them for the last time was going to be a walk down memory lane with a couple of tears and a lot of beers!

What should have been an evening that would have resonated through people’s mind for a long time, The Hellacopters final tour, turned out a little worse than expected. As I was told after the show, The Hellacopters brought their own sound crew, who almost completely fucked up the show! But since you can’t let one person screw up your evening, the crowd was happily surprised by the Norwegian pre-show Bloodlights. Their recent debut album wasn’t that fantastic, but their show really was. The bandmembers, lead by ex-Gluecifer member Captain Poon, rocked their asses off and really got the show on the road.

But because the crowd came for one last The Hellacopters show, the pre-show could also have been Britney Spears and probably no-one would have cared. Unfortunately these Swedish stormtroopers couldn’t lift the standard set by the sound crew! The volume sucked, the guitar riffs drowned in a pool of mud, the drumkit appeared to be broken and they had a mic that was ripped off a my-first-Sony. But after a song or two, when your ears were a bit used to the bad sound quality, The Hellacopters brought a pretty good show with all the moves and two encores, as expected in a good rockshow. Too bad bad that the keyboard player, in his enthousiasm, messed up the intro to ‘By The Grace’. With a BPM rate almost twice higher than normal, this song lost a lot of its power.

Conclusion: soundguy bad, bandguys good.
Details Written on Monday Oct 13th, 2008
Writer @LondonCustoms

Tags: #The Hellacopters