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The Powerfest - Halloween edition
After editions in Tilburg, Amsterdam and Geleen, The Powerfest now returned to Amsterdam for a special Halloween edition. For this Halloween edition, Wednesday 13 was probably the most logical choice to headline this Dutch emo/metalcore/hardcore festival. Besides these horror punkers also the Euro Tour of Blessed By A Broken Heart and support was found willing to stop in Amsterdam, alongside August Burns Red and the local act A New Hope.

Due to the fact that the first bands already played in the afternoon and I had to work, I missed A New Hope and Fei Comodo. Also I can’t state anything useful about Devil’s Gift. I only saw their two closing songs, which didn’t make me regret I didn’t show up earlier by the way. Blessed By A Broken Heart therefore was the first band I saw from start to finish and my expectations were high. All their songs individually scream to be played live and the reviews about a show in Tilburg a couple of days before were very promising. Unfortunately they couldn’t deal with my high expectations. It wasn’t totally their own fault though. Right from the start the keyboard didn’t work, the lasers on stage were uncontrollable and the voice of singer Tony Gambino was fucked (after just 3 days of touring already!). They also didn’t play the popular ‘Mic Skillz’ (1 or 2). Fortunately the show they put on was fun to watch and closer ‘Move Your Body’ was an energetic highlight of their performance, but all in all it wasn’t satisfying enough.

Up next were the guys from I Am Ghost. I can be very brief about this band: they sucked big time! They played a combination of post-hardcore, goth rock and a bunch of other styles, but before they even started it was already boring as hell. Luckily for the audience, their label Epitaph brought some balloons to play with. NEXT!

Except for some Wednesday 13 fans at the first four or five rows the whole audience went completely wild when August Burns Red played the first notes of their first song. Judging from the very enthusiastic reactions, August Burns Red was in many people’s eyes the true headliner of this edition of The Powerfest. I can’t tell you which songs they played, but believe me when I say that they blew almost everybody away with their powerful metalcore. Finally we got a band with balls! Big plus for these guys on so far a bit of a disappointing evening.

After a nice record, Skeletons, and a great gig in Utrecht, I was definitely looking forward to see Wednesday 13 live again. The venue wasn’t exactly fully packed when they started though. Most visitors left after seeing August Burns Red, but still there were enough people to create a nice party. Unfortunately this party turned out to be not so successful after all. Contrary to their previous tour, Wednesday 13 was handling the guitar himself and this didn’t do good for their show. They played as they were supposed to be, but the chemistry between the band and the crowd wasn’t present at all. They also weren’t that fortunate with their set list. In the middle of their show they performed some less familiar songs and just when my girlfriend and I agreed to leave, they played some recognizable tunes. Close call! They played some enjoyable songs at the end of their set, like ‘R.A.M.B.O.’ and ‘I Love to Say Fuck’, but that couldn’t make up for the mediocre mid-part of their set.
Details Written on Monday Nov 10th, 2008
Writer @Gilles

Tags: #The Powerfest
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