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Swing Of The Axe - Op Volle Snoeren III
[i][b]The 27th of March was a special day. First of all it was time for a mayor ass grindfest in Arnhem, and secondly I celebrated my one year relationship with my girlfriend. Preparations were made, and Metalrage reporter Mat-Core went to Arnhem. Our team was reinforced by Demondust, who showed up somewhere in the evening. We are here to bring you a little overview of the day, except Inhume. We both missed Inhume, but we�ll make it even at No Mercy.[/i][/b] [b]Fubar:[/b] The day was kicked off by Fubar, a very aggressive grind/death band from the regions of Arnhem. The music was described as a brutal mix between grinding bands like Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition and more pure brutal metal like Disavowed. Their performance was wild and set a tone for the rest of the evening. It�s quite hard to be the first of the evening to perform, especially when there are 9 bands yet to come. I personally liked the show and their music. Luuk�s announcements about daily problems were translated into a big bulk of noise and his neurotic walking on the stage was an extra bonus. [b]Grobar:[/b] After Fubar, came Grobar. I don�t know why they�ve called their band this way, but I know one thing for sure. They can produce noise and a lot too. This band is the main band of Ivar and Vedran from Cliteater. The music is more death metal orientated, like Brutus and somewhat influences from Morbid Angel. The songs were merely handling about stoma�s and stupid women and formed a nice entertainment for the audience. Not much to say about this band, the music was decent, although it was not the most original band on this planet. But who cares, because originality is not very important in this extreme corner of the music industry. [b]Gruesome Stuff Relish:[/b] How shall I describe this? First of all, take 3 Spanish people, give them 100 dollar and tell them to buy musical equipment. After that, give them a few bucks extra and tell them to buy some pitchshifters. Then give them an album of Cock And Ball Torture and let them listen to their national hero�s Haemorrhage. There is your recipe for a decent grind act from Spain. The songs were around 1 minute and had a high mosh level. Because of the early hour, people weren�t that active and luckily my band, which drank too fucking much, started the mass going around. It turned out to a little party of 5 men and 1 woman and GSR have my compliments! [b]Rompeprop:[/b] With the loss of Steven Smegma, Rompeprop has continued their voyage. The drummer now handled the vocals and was supported by the bass player and guitarist. Their set was not very different than the last time I saw them, and songs like Vaginal Luftwaffe and The Babyshitter were thrown into the audience. I used my time to get something to eat and get my strength back for Prostitute Disfigurement. I must say that the audience loved the show, but too bad I could not appreciate it this time, perhaps next time! [b]Prostitute Disfigurement:[/b] The next band was Prostitute Disfigurement, and this was also the first time I saw this band live. I have 2 albums and I love the stupid piglike voice of their vocalist. The songs were played hard and fast, and left nothing of the audience. It was like a bulldozer came through a blind mass of human flesh and carnage was done. Prostitute Disfigurement played like 25 songs both from their debut and from their latest release and the death metal pieces were easily changed into gruesome grind. [b]Leng Tch�e:[/b] I can say that I waited all day for this show. Leng Tch�e have the reputation to go completely berserk on stage, and they did it again. With their so called �Razorgrind From Da Hood� they impressed friend and foe with their extreme blasting speed, technical grinding riffs and a lot of noise from Isaac, their vocalist. The sound was squashing and Leng Tch�e performed that without a bass player! The main part of the songs was merely from the first album, crossed with songs from the latest record. It didn�t matter what they play, Isaac was the embodiment of adrenaline. With his jumping and moshing through the audience he got a lot of new fans. [b]Cliteater:[/b] The band of Grobar�s Vedran and Ivar, combined with Joost from Inhume and Maurice behind the drums. This new project is certainly beginning to rise through the ranks and with their first album out, they�ve already begun working on the second one. The setlist was based on Cut Em� All and songs like 4$ Bitch Disfigurement, Masticating On Maggots, Profane Martyr and Cliteater. The sound was monstrous and painfully hard but certainly worth listening. It was a miracle that Joost could sing 2 sets almost after each other and what he did with Cliteater was certainly not much different from Inhume. The show was almost concluded by a new song from the upcoming album. The name of the song was also the title track for that record, Eat Clit Or Die, taken from S.O.D�s Speak English or Die. The song was fast and brutal, and sounded a lot more professional than their older material. [b]Agathocles:[/b] If you like animals and grind, go listen to Agathocles. These Belgians fight for the animal rights and provide their critics in a big fat bulk of mince. I�m not a big fan of animal liberation fronts and vegetarians and shit like that, but their music was sounding quite nice. The songs mostly did not get longer than 30 seconds, but is managed to stir the people in the moshpit. This was also the last show I�ve seen this evening, and I would like to give the word to my colleague Demondust. [b]Blockheadz:[/b] This band was the last one that I could see, so I had to miss the greatest Dutch grindcore band Inhume. Up till now, I liked Leng T�che the best, from what I had seen. But Blockheadz were going to surpass that� I can actually only say that it was violent, brutal, very aggressive and wild, very wild. Their show was incredible as well, they got a lot of people on stage, moshing, headbanging, stagediving and other crazy shit. I even saw one guy going down so hard, he had to be carried out. Pure chaos is how I name this concert. A lot of noise came from these guys, one extreme brutal track after another. After these guys, I was battered, broken, deaf, dead-tired and I had a hell of a headache. That�s what I call grindcore!!! Blockheadz: [i]DemonDust[/i] Rest: [i]Mat-Core[/i]
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Swing Of The Axe