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Paaspop 2004 - Opening of the season
[b]Paaspop 2004 Schijndel[/b] [b]Hooray! It�s spring, it�s easter, It�s time for the fesivalseason in Holland. The temperature is rising (only the nights are cold) and it�s time to drink a lot and see great bands and great people at the festivals again. Paaspop is the first festival of the season and Paaspop is great. There is always a band you would like to see and the audience is just great. This year Paaspop had a Main Stage, Masters Of Rock Stage, Theatre, Retrolounge and a Dance stage. New this year was the Jack Daniels bar in the master of rock.[/b] [b]Saturday[/b] [b]Pro-Pain[/b] First act of the festival season in Holland was Pro-Pain. With their new album in the pocket they were ready to wake-up the festival audience. Pro-Pain (and all other bands on Paaspop) were aloud to play one hour. The festival just started but the tent was well filled. Pro-Pain opened with some guy with a Spanish guitar. After he was done they already conquered the audience. And the best had still to come! When you visit a show of Pro-Pain you know what�s the story behind the bandname. When I was at the back of the tent I saw a dB meter with was pointing at 110dB! Pro-Pain did a great show combining old and new songs. For me personally the festival couldn�t start any better. [b]The Quill[/b] After I bought the cd �Hooray! It�s a Deathtrip� I was looking forward to see these guys from Sweden on stage. The Quill was touring with Monster Magnet and Gleucifer, so they must be good. At six o� clock The Quill entered the stage to overwhelm the audience. [img] 013site.JPG[/img] The Quill played some songs from their previous albums and a lot of songs from the last album �Hooray! It�s A Deathtrip�. The way The Quill makes hardrock is how it used to be. Hard, loud, raw and with passion! The Quill sounds like a big well oiled diesel powered engine. When they start they will go on until they are out of fuel no matter what happens! Again a great show on Paaspop. [b]De Heideroosjes[/b] When I was a small kid De Heideroosjes let me explore more and more about good music. I hadn�t seen them on stage for a very long time and even stopped caring about this band anymore. But they were on Paaspop and they were my heroes 10 years ago so why shouldn�t I see their show. When I went to their show they already had begun with their gig. Man why did I lose a grip on this band! [img] 026site.JPG[/img] You can say a lot of this band from Limburg, but they have grown in a very positive way. Their new punkrock/hardcore songs contain some good elements. De Heideroosjes have grown up and have become a serious band. There was a big smile of satisfaction on my face. These guys know what they are doing and they are doing it right. I have a lot of respect for them and there roadcrew for performing here when you know of the accident just a couple of weeks ago. [b]Danko Jones[/b] Our (ex-) colleague Napalm Lex told me that I had to see Danko Jones no matter what! So I was there when they were ready to go on stage. Lex you�re right. Danko Jones is a motherfuckin Rock �n Roll machine. Danko came, saw and won the audience. With one hour of modern Rock �n Roll he made a big impression on me and a lot of other people that night. [img] 039site.JPG[/img] Danko Jones is a no-nonsense band. When they are on stage they just play. But they are good at it. It was great to see the big smile on the face of Danko. [b]BZB[/b] [img] 105site.JPG[/img] Last band today was BZB, the band without a banana. I�ve got some friends and their life is all about this band. They told me that this would be a great party. So let�s see. BZB plays rock music with an overdose of humour. The band has a great show element in their performance. A part of the stage raised with their guitar players on it doing solos. A huge Nun raised during their show, a drum act with the whole band and the hilarious version of YMCA on pogo sticks. After I�d taken some pictures I really wanted to be in the audience to taste the great atmosphere. Okay BZB isn�t that metal, but I bet you will enjoy them. Great last band for this alcoholic Saturday! [img] 118site.JPG[/img] [img] 016site.JPG[/img] [i]Audience on Paaspop[/i] [img] 020site.JPG[/img] [i]Two number one BZB and festival fans[/i] [b]Sunday[/b] [b]Hulk[/b] Today it was the task for Hulk to wake-up the audience. Hulk makes good rock �n roll orientated rock. They didn�t impress me. But they did impress the audience. In my opinion (but who am I) they could�ve done a better act on stage. It was a little bit boring, or was my headache the cause of this? [b]Mad Sin[/b] Streetpunk Rockabilly from Berlin, Germany. Mad Sin is great to see on stage. With a lot of grease in their hair, tattooed all over and punk for the working class. [img] 133site.JPG[/img] The band had a great frontman. He�s wild and runs around on stage, lies down with his feet in the air and knows how to provoke the audience. Great visual element was the bassplayer with his contrabass. Great show and a good performance! [b]Mustasch[/b] Another band from Sweden. The Scandinavians are doing a great job this year on Paaspop. I�ve heard a lot of Mustasch. They told me it�s the next big thing. I was quite surprised by this band. I liked their kick ass attitude on stage and their songs. Only the sound of the singer was a little bit hard if you don�t know the band. Besides that, this is another great band from the North. Scandinavians will rule Rock �n roll soon. [b]Monster Magnet[/b] [img] 140site.JPG[/img] Finally my life would change. I didn�t know what to expect from Monster Magnet. Before this show I was familiar with the song �Spacelord�. Before the show I�d spoken with Dave and he said you will be surprised! And I was. Man this band rocks. This was one of the best live performances in years. Monster Magnet came on stage and Dave said: [i]�Are you ready for a Powertrip? Are you ready for Monster Fucking Magnet?�[/i] and they started with �Tractor� followed by �The Right Stuff� from the new album �Monolithic Baby�. [img] 141site.JPG[/img] Other songs that Monster Magnet played were: �Powertrip�,�Melt�,�Dinosaur Vacuum�,�Brainstorm�,�Negasonic Teenage Warhead�, and from the new album �Monolithic� and �Unbroken (Hotel Baby)�. [img] 142site.JPG[/img] The last song to play was the fantastic �Spacelord�. During this songs Dave set a guitar on fire and the audience enjoyed the show a lot. I bet everyone who had seen the show enjoyed it, and everyone who didn�t would be mad that they didn�t see this show. Monster Magnet made a lot of new fans that night, including me! [img] 143site.JPG[/img] [b]Gluecifer[/b] This was almost the last show for Gluecifer on tour with The Quill and Monster Magnet. I think this was one of the best tours already for this year. What a great package! I didn�t see much from Gluecifer because I had to eat sometime. But what I�ve seen was another great act. Again pure and raw Rock �n Roll from Scandinavia. As said before, they are doing a great job over there! [b]Within Temptation[/b] The problem with Within Temptation is that they have played on too many festivals. I�ve seen them to many times. But their show is good! A nice stage performance and a huge tv screen at the back of the stage gave a great visual aspect to the show. The public still loves Within Temptation and they are well aware of that. It�s not my favourite band, but they did a good job. They played the songs �Ice queen�, �Running, � of course, and at the end of the show �Mother Earth�. For everyone who couldn�t go to Paaspop this year I have some good news; Next year there will probably be another edition and there�s always something that you might like there. [b]See you next year!!![/b]
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @D.M.A.

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